Advancement Prayer Points With Scriptures


Advancement Prayer Points With Scriptures


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Let’s Pray

Thank God for His goodness in your life.

Ask for forgiveness of any known and unknown sin.

Holy Ghost, sanitize me and move me forward by fire, in Jesus name.

The power that made Joseph to move forward, move me forward by fire , In Jesus name.

I refuse to remain stagnant, I must move forward by fire, (stand up and practically move forward), in Jesus name.

My divine advancement is not negotiable, therefore, I move forward by fire, (stand up and practically move forward) in Jesus name.

Thou altar of stagnancy erected against my divine advancement, scatter unto desolation, in Jesus name.

Arrow of the wicked, fired against my divine advancement, back fire, In Jesus name.

Every family curse waging war against my divine advancement, break and die, in Jesus name.

Every promissory note of my ancestors, stopping my divine advancement, I tear you to pieces by fire, born to ashes, in Jesus name.

Every Red sea blocking the way to my divine advancement, part it and let me pass, in Jesus name.

Evil pattern of my father’s house, working against my divine advancement, I walk out of you by fire, scatter, in Jesus name.

Goliath of my divine advancement, I stone you to death, die, in Jesus name.

Powers working day and night to stop my advancement, my God shall destroy you, die in Jesus name.

Chains of darkness holding me down to a spot, I break myself, (marriage, career, ministry, destiny, health etc.] loose from you, scatter in Jesus name.

Every Satanic obstacle on my way of divine advancement, I bulldoze you by fire. In Jesus name.

Altars of slow progress erected against my divine advancement, scatter in Jesus name.

Woe unto every power and wick personality that will stop my divine advancement, in Jesus name.

Power ministering discouragement and failure in my mind, I bind you out of my life and I move forward by fire. In Jesus name.

Satanic entanglement keeping me in a circle, I break myself loose from you in Jesus name.

O Lord, God of Mountain of fire and Miracles Ministries, restore my wasted year, in Jesus name.

O Lord God of heaven, restore my lost glory, in Jesus name.

I plug my life into the socket of fire of God of Elijah for accelerated progress, in Jesus name.

God of divine advancement, by your mighty hand, take me from where I am to my accelerated position, in Jesus name.

Thou eagle of my destiny, soar high and refuse to go down, in Jesus name.

I refuse to dwell in the valley of mediocrity, I move by fire to the mountain top of greatness, in Jesus name.

Glory of God, overshadow me and move me forward, in Jesus name.

Pillar of cloud of God and pillar of fire of God like unto the children of Israel in the wilderness, lead me forward by fire, in Jesus name.

O Lord, connect me to my divine helpers that will advance my life (business, career, ministry, academics, marriage etc), in Jesus name.

Angels of the living God, prepare my way to my divine advancement, in Jesus name.


In Jesus’ Name. Amen!.

Thank God for answered prayers. 

Original Prayer By “Hot Prayer Zone”



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