Catholic Prayer For Unfaithful Husband



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Catholic Prayer For Unfaithful Husband

Powerful Catholic Prayer For Unfaithful Husband

St. Monica is the patron saint of married women, homemakers, housewives, mothers, widows, wives, abuse victims, alcoholics, alcoholism, difficult marriages, disappointing children, victims of adultery, victims of unfaithfulness, and victims of verbal abuse. In her honor, and for her intervention, this ring welcomes all sites related to these issues.
Dear St. Monica,
troubled wife and mother,
many sorrows pierced your heart during your lifetime.
Yet, you never despaired or lost faith.
With confidence, persistence, and profound faith,
you prayed daily for the conversion
of your beloved husband, Patricius,
and your beloved son, Augustine;
your prayers were answered.
Grant Audreyw that same fortitude, patience,
and trust in the Lord.
Intercede for her, dear St. Monica,
that God may favorably hear Audreyw’s plea
and grant her the grace to accept His Will in all things,
through Jesus Christ, our Lord,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, forever and ever.

Righteous God in heaven, I am praying that You would send my cheating spouse a conviction of their sin and that this would move them to confess it and to repent of it. I know that Your Spirit can move the heart of even a pagan or unbelieving king (Prov 21:1) and so I ask You to send Your convicting Spirit to cause my spouse to see their sin and to be moved to end this adulterous relationship. It is beyond anything that I can do and all I can do is pray, but for You, nothing is impossible (Col 1:16), nothing is too hard, and nothing beyond Your ability, so please intervene on behalf of my spouse to convict them of this sin so that we can be restored to a right relationship with one another and my spouse’s relationship with You can be restored and in the glorious name of Jesus Christ I pray, amen.


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