End Of The Month Prayer Points



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End Of The Month Prayer Points

Powerful End Of The Month Prayer Points

The end of the month of May is fast approaching. Every problem and challenge in your life will end before the month runs out. Before the end of this month, the Man of War Himself will visit you. He visited the Israelites shortly before the Red Sea and He made a way for them in the midst of the Sea. He will make a way for you.
He equally visited the Egyptians in their passage of through the Sea and made mighty flood available for their destruction. All your stubborn pursuers will perish in their Red Sea.
When He visited Esther, she became the number one woman in the kingdom at the time. All her past sufferings and problems were forgotten. Her slavery was turned to freedom. The Lord will visit you this month and your slavery-financially, emotionally, maritally, physically and spiritually will turn to freedom in Jesus name.
When He visited Vashti, her royal glory disappeared instantly. Everyone that has been occupying your position unjustly will be disgraced and frustrated in Jesus name.
In John chapter Nine verses one to seven, and John chapter five verses two to nine, Jesus saw these two men. He saw their helplessness and hopelessness. He saw their past, their present and their future. He saw that without him they could do nothing and He visited them and changed their situation. Have you been stagnant for so long, the Lord will visit you and change your situation.
When God visited Isaac, He made room for him and caused every contention in his life to cease. The Lord will make room for you and all your bareness will become fruitfulness in Jesus name.
As this month rolls away every blockage and obstacle in your life will be rolled away. And as you enter the month of June, the Lord will strengthen and empower you for the task ahead.

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