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Fire Springs Ministries Prayer Points

Fire Springs Ministries Prayer Points For Midnight Hours

Leave therapy to the therapists.
Send affliction (in whatever way, shape or form) back to its owners – i.e. to the devil and his cohorts!
If you’ve got a stubborn problem that seems to defy logic or reason…
You really need to follow in the footsteps of Happiness.
Hear her:
“Dear Elisha,
last year 2011 I was diagnosed with a disease that affected my brain. I had a problem with memory and could only remember 24hours of events. At one point I totally could not remember my own daughter and she was a stranger to me.
I was hospitalised for sometime, but when I was discharged my memory got worse and I began to hallucinate.
But then I remembered your website to which I had been introduced by one of my lecturers at the University only months earlier. I looked in the mail, you had sent this prayer point
“I command the stars to go to war, let the Heavens fight on my side in Jesus name”

I prayed this prayer point until I was drenched in sweat. To my surprise, after that I was clear headed, even my neurologist is still puzzled at how this happened and I have even just returned to my studies.

I am fine Glory to God!!! Please keep sending the prayer points, and may the Lord keep using you to teach us. Amen.”
– Happiness M, Kenya
Praise the LORD!
Same Prayer, Different Results (All Good)…
The reason we share so many testimonies here is because testimonies give birth to MORE testimonies.
After posting this praise report in our 24-hour prayer blog 2 days ago, a certain Sister Loise decided to try it out.
Here’s what happened just a few hours after the prayer…
“Yesterday after reading the Weekly Case Study #22 in the 24-Hour Blog, the above prayer points struck my mind and a felt a financial breakthrough. I used the same at mid night and today at 7.30am my former boss called me and said she is sending me 20 thousand shillings…”

This might sound like a joke but…
… there is NO spiritual problem that you cannot solve with the right prayer bullet, as long as you can pray as directed by the Holy Spirit.
You probably first need to learn how to discern the voice of the Spirit before you can pray this type of prayers to the level of breakthroughs.
Sister Happiness actually said …
“I prayed this prayer point until I was drenched in sweat.”
You got any problem that has defied “normal” prayer and fasting? You can use prayers like this one (and many others) to demolish them completely.
That is why this blog series is entitled “Prayer Demolition Series.”
One of the 3 reasons we set up the Prayer Academy was to help believers learn how to pray and demolish their problems, step by simple step.
Let me encourage you to step up your game… and advance to the demolition level … where sometimes answers come while you are still praying.
The LORD Himself has promised:
“I will answer them before they even call to me. While they are still talking about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers!– Isa.65:24 (NLT)
So what are you waiting for?
Be An Overcomer!
– elisha




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