How Can We Pray For Grace


How Can We Pray For Grace


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Let’s Pray

Father, Please, Father fill me to the brim with Your Holy Spirit and let all the activities of The flesh in my life be completely subdued, In The Mighty Name of Jesus Amen!.

I Worship And Adore You, My Father, The Author and The Finisher of My Faith. You Are A Merciful And Gracious God! Bigger Than The Biggest! Higher Than The Highest! You Are The Most High! Mightier Than The Mightiest! You Are The Mighty! Please Accept My Worship In The Mighty Name of Jesus Amen!.

Father, in anyway I have fallen short of Your Glory and Expectations by my not growing in Grace at the pace You Expected Me To, Please, have Mercy and Forgive me; let Your mercy prevail over any judgment of sin in my life, In The Mighty Name of Jesus Amen!.

Father, Please henceforth, empower me to walk in The Spirit, that I may not fulfill the lust of the flesh, In The Mighty Name of Jesus Amen!.

Lord Jesus, You Are My Hope of Glory, Please, empower me to grow in Your Grace and Knowledge; and to fulfill The Purpose of God for my life, In The Mighty Name of Jesus Amen!.

Father, Please let the adamic nature in me give way to A Godly Lifestyle, anchored on The Fear of God, In The Mighty Name of Jesus Amen!.

Father, let every satanic yoke in my life be destroyed by The Anointing and be replaced by The Yoke of Jesus, which is easy, that I may find rest for my soul, In The Mighty Name of Jesus Amen!.

Father, Please help me to Grow in Grace, to put on The Image of Your Only Begotten Son Jesus In The Mighty Name of Jesus Amen!.

Father, Please, perfect all the good works that You have started in my life and destiny, In The Mighty Name of Jesus Amen!.

Father, Please Bless Your son, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, and let him keep growing in Your Grace, In The Mighty Name of Jesus Amen!.

Father Please Bless Everyone, that You have been using to prepare these prayer points, beyond measures, and all those who have been rebroadcasting them, In Jesus’ Name Amen!.

Father, Please let every challenge, hindrance and obstacle of getting these prayer points across to Your Children, timely, and on a daily basis be removed, In The Name of Jesus. 

Lord Jesus, I Pray Today With Everybody Using The Open Heavens Daily Devotional Father, Please help us to Grow in Grace, to put on The Image of Your Only Begotten Son, In The Mighty Name of Jesus Amen!.

Today We Join Our Faith with That Of Our Father In The Lord To Say A Big Thank You For The Miraculous Release Of Some Of The People Abducted or Kidnapped in Nigeria! Your Word Says Surely There Is An End! Father Please Put And End To Abduction, Kidnapping Killing, Stealing And Destruction In Our Land And Perfect Everything That Concerns Our Land Kill That Giant Spider That Has Been Spinning The Web Of Terrorism Globally In The Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen!.

Father, Please, Give Us The Wisdom To Recognize Every Plan, and Plot from The Pit of Hell, Working Tirelessly day and night To Make up proud and pompous leaning on our own achievements instead of seeing them as Your Grace! Please Give Us Power To Resist Them As We Trust You and Your Word In Jesus’ Name. Amen! 


In Jesus’ Name. Amen!.

Father, Please arise and crush every opposition from the pit of hell against our lives, our families, our marriages and The Divine Assignment You have committed into our hands, In Jesus’ Name Amen!.


Original Prayer By “Pastor Babatunde Olatunji Isiaka


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