How God Healed My Diabetes


How God Healed My Diabetes


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Let’s Pray

One afternoon in early December, the Christian family came again and with much perseverance, prayed for me. At that moment, I felt something like a fire coming upon me and I began to sweat and then fainted on the chair I was sitting on. I did not know what happened but minutes later, I woke up with great astonishment. The pain in my leg was gone and I could feel a great sensation and relief overwhelming me. Most of all, there was tremendous joy and happiness in my heart.

The Christian family explained to me later about God’s peculiar ways of healing people and saving them from this sinful world. Until then, I was unable to conceive the idea of healing except by Hindu ways. A week later, the wound on my leg became smaller and then disappeared altogether. Praise the Lord for his healing and salvation! My leg became normal and without realizing, I began to worship Him. Soon after, my faith in Jesus began to grow and my life was completely changed.

I saw that l have more strength and confidence in myself which I never had before. There is also joy and happiness in my family. Shortly after the incident, I went to the hospital for a routine check-up for the sugar level in my blood. When the test results were out, the doctors were surprised and in disbelief to see that the sugar level had dropped drastically from the previous level. Subsequently, they confirmed that I was healed completely of diabetes. 

That day, I came home a very happy man. On 31st December 1990, my whole family went to church together for the first time to attend an evening service. When the service started, my family rejoiced with the church congregation in songs and worship. At the end of the service, the church pastor led the congregation in prayer. I closed my eyes and a little later, I had a vision of a golden cross on a heart size pillow. It illuminated golden lights like many small sparkling stars falling down from the cross. 

This vision appeared to me for a length of time. I thanked the Lord for giving me this vision which I have later shared with my friends and family. The following month, my whole family accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour and the thrills of being born again Christians are beyond explanation. As the Lord said in the Gospel of John 3:3 “Truly, truly I say to you, except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God”.

We have experienced what Jesus has said we should experience. We now attend church services weekly and rejoice very much in our new found faith. Through reading and studying God’s word, we discovered that the miraculous healing of my diabetes was only the beginning of more miracles to come. As young Christians, our faith in God grew with new experiences, new understanding and many, if not all, answered prayers.


In Jesus’ Name. Amen!.


Lord, I praise you because you are my healer and deliver.


Original Prayer By “Antioch”


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