Last Day Of The Month Prayer Point



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Last Day Of The Month Prayer Point

Powerful Last Day Of The Month Prayer Point

Month Ending Prayers for Me and You

Experience a supernatural breakthrough in your business, career, academics, marriage and finances as you make these prayers your habit for the new month January, 2020.

1. In this new month, your glory will never fade away. The joy of being a child of God will be your portion. You will never be found wanting in everything you do. God will be with you and guide you. Amen.

2. Father, perfect all that concerns me. Settle me in this new month. Make these days ahead about my success and victory. I shall be highly favored in Jesus name.

3. Oh Lord, cause me to laugh for joy in this new month. Help me to be the best version of me. To live life to the fullest and explore the world you have committed to me. I shall not tarry anymore in the waiting room.

4. May your storehouse be full and your barn be blessed. Your hard work shall be rewarded by your heavenly Father. You shall win every battle this month.

5. In this new month, Father, I want to see your right hand in my business. I want to feel your presence all around me. May the works of my hands heed to your divine words of favour and prosperity in Jesus name.

6. May the Lord elevate you beyond your dreams. May His favour set a crown upon your head. You shall prosper and flourish in this new month. These, I pray in Jesus name.

7. May the Lord grant you an uncommon breakthrough. May He do a new thing in your life in this new month. Because with Him all things are possible, your breakthrough will come unfailingly in Jesus name.

8. Every occurrence of set back and stagnancy end with the months of old. As you proceed into this new month, breakthrough shall be your testimony and success shall happen in your career. Every man will hear of your good deeds. Your services shall be employed. You shall break new grounds in your career. The favour of God shall locate whatever you do. The time for you to shine has come, yea, the set time has come. Rejoice, for every dry bone shall rise again in Jesus name.

9. Your change will come in this new month. When men shall say there’s a casting down, with gratitude you shall decree that, there’s a lifting up for you. You shall mount upon the horse of success and ride into the realm of breakthrough. The evidence of your hard work shall come to light. In this new month, you’re anointed to increase, to yield and to grow very large. The Lord shall surpass your dreams and expectations as each day goes by. You shall sing the song of victory and shout for joy in the congregation of the righteous. Your breakthrough has come in Jesus name.

10. I decree in the name that is above every other name, my rise to fame and glory shall stun the world. I shall tell a story of grass to grace in this new month. There is no stopping me in Jesus name.

11. Oh Lord, the time for you to favour me and my household have come, yea, the set time is now. For it is time for you, Lord to work. Do not let them make void your promises upon my life.

12. I shall not struggle with my business anymore. The wisdom to succeed and the grace to be celebrated shall dwell in me henceforth. Then, the heathens shall say, the Lord has done great things for me.

13. You’re free from the struggles of sicknesses and diseases. Your health shall blossom like a plant by the riverside. You shall leap for joy in this new month.

14. I ask for fresh fire for breakthrough. I shall sell like never before and prosper as it is uncommon to man in Jesus name.




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