Lenten Reflections For Students



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Lenten Reflections For Students

Powerful Lenten Reflections For Students

At the Ash Wednesday Liturgy, Deacon Vince challenged us to use Lent as a time to make the ‘selfish me’ move over and make some room for the ‘unselfish me’. A few weeks into Lent, we caught up with some students to see how they are going with their Lenten promises and to hear their overall thoughts on Lent as a season in the Catholic church.

“At the Ash Wednesday Liturgy we were asked to give up something hard – not easy. When Dad picks me up from school we go to the dairy and buy ice blocks so I chose to give up these after-school treats. I’ve done this once so far and have saved about $10 that I’m going to give to charity. I think Lent is a good time to think about Jesus and the less fortunate”. Ava Year 7.

“The bible readings on Ash Wednesday talked about not putting on a long face but doing kind things without other people knowing. I’m trying to remember to unstack the dishwasher once a day but some days I haven’t. Lent is the time to think about other people who don’t have as much as us”. India Year 8.

“At the Ash Wednesday service we talked about how Jesus gave up his life, so as a sign of respect, we could give up something too. I have given up lollies and fast food. I’m going okay with this so far. Lent is like a countdown to Easter. I’m looking forward to eating chocolate all day long”. Luke Year 9.

“I remember the ash cross on my forehead at the Ash Wednesday Liturgy. Some people rubbed it off but I think keeping it on shows you care about the meaning of Lent; for me this is giving back to Jesus after He gave up everything for 40 days. I’ve given up iced coffees. It’s really hard but that is what it’s all about – the struggle”. Caitlin Year 10.

“Lent is a time to give up something – Jesus went through suffering for us so we should acknowledge that. I’ve given up fizzy drinks but I don’t actually drink them anyway. Personally I don’t think Lent is that important but for some people it is”. Sam Year 11.

“I’ve given up bubble-gum and I’m trying to eat healthy. It’s a challenge because I like junk food. I’ve failed a few times especially when I’ve been at friends’ houses and everyone is eating it. I feel Lent is a time to reflect on what is really important. Jesus sacrificed His life so it should be easy, in comparison to what He gave up – except it’s not easy”. Christina Year 12.

“Lent is a time to reflect on how Jesus died on the cross. We no longer have to sacrifice lambs like they did in the Old Testament because Jesus gave his life for us. Last year I gave up my bed and slept on the carpet. This year I’m wearing a pendant of Saint Anne, Mary’s mum. It’s helping me to think about my own faith and what I believe”. Loretta Year 13.

Whatever your thoughts on Lent, we all look forward to Easter and celebrating Jesus’ resurrection with hot cross buns, chocolate bunnies and plenty of junk food.

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