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Deuteronomy 28:13:
13 And the Lord shall make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be above only, and thou shalt not be beneath; if that thou hearken unto the commandments of the Lord thy God, which I command thee this day, to observe and to do them:

Today we have compiled 20 mfm prayer points for divine favour. This mfm prayer points are inspired by Dr. Odukoya of mountain of fire and miracle ministries. Favour is God giving you what your labour cannot give to you. When they favour of God is upon you, strange and impossible doors are opened before you. Favour took Joseph from the prison to the palace, favour took David from the bush to the palace, favour distinguished daniel and his three Hebrew friends, favour made Nehemiah to move from an ordinary cup bearer to a governor.

My prayer for you is that, that same favour will answer for you today in Jesus name. Every child of God is a favored child, but many Christians are still in bondage today because the devil is a thief who comes to steal the word of God from our hearts. When you lack the word of God in your life, you lack favour and when you lack favour, you suffer reproach. This mfm prayer points for divine favour will power you up spiritually to take your God ordained spiritual blessings of favour. As you pray these prayer points, your spirit man will be energized and your study life will increase also every word of declaration that you declare in this prayer points they shall come to pass in Jesus name. Don’t be weary, my friend, pray this prayer today and receive your divine favour.

20 mfm prayer points for divine favour

1. Father I thank you for your favour upon my life in Jesus name

2. I declare today that the favour of God will reflect in all my labour in Jesus name.

3. I declare that the hand of God is upon me in all I do in Jesus name.

4. Because of your favour, impossible doors of success will be opened to me in Jesus name.

5. By your unmerited favour, I declare that I shall be the head only and not the tail in Jesus name.

6. I declare that I have favour with all men, including kings in Jesus name.

7. Because of your favour, no weapon formed against me shall prosper in Jesus name.

8. I declare that every evil gang up against me, shall backfire on the head of my enemies in Jesus name

9. As it was in the days of Joseph, let everyone planning evil against my life, let that same evil return back to them and turn to me to a testimony in Jesus name.

10. Just like the days of daniel and his friends, let favour distinguish me from my peers in Jesus name.

11. I declare that because of your favour, I am 10 times better than my peers

12. I declare that because of your favour, I have more understanding than my teachers.

13. I declare that because of your favour, everything I do prospers in Jesus name.

14. Because of your favour, I walk in supernatural victory in Jesus name.

15. Because of your favour, I have supernatural wisdom in Jesus name.

16. Because of your favour my Father, all my sins, past, present and future are forgiving in Jesus name.

17. Father, let all those who seek my downfall fall for my sakes in Jesus name.

18. Father, let all those who bless me be blessed forever.

19. Let anyone who curse me be cursed by you in the name of Jesus.

20. Father thank you for your never ending favour upon my life in Jesus name.



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