Prayer Against Evil Utterances



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Prayer against evil utterances


Powerful Prayer Against Evil Utterances

Lamentation 3:37, Numbers 23:8,
1. Blood of Jesus Christ wash me and make me whole
2. My maker and my father, have mercy on me and deliver me from every satanic pronouncement
3. My God and my father, arrest and paralyze every evil tongue raised against me
4. Holy Ghost fire, locate and paralyze every tongue pulling me down
5. Holy Ghost fire, paralyze every evil word programmed into the sun, moon and the stars to limit my destiny.
6. my destiny shall shine henceforth in Jesus name, amen.
7. Holy Ghost fire, paralyze every witchcraft word issued to reduce my life
8. Every word of (your name) will never make it in life, receive fire and be canceled.
9. Every word spoken by any man or woman that (your name) will never make good life, receive fire and be canceled.
10. Every word spoken by any of my relatives to keep me in one place receive fire, break and scatter
11. Every evil word issued against me in the night to limit my life receive fire and be canceled.
12. Every evil word issued in the day to limit me receive fire break and be canceled.
13. Every curse issued against me by my mother and my father receive fire, break and release me
14. Holy Ghost fire, break and scatter every word limiting me from my place of birth.
15. I release myself from every evil word issued against me from my father’s house
16. Whosoever that is renewing evil word against me day and night, receive stones of fire, be exposed and be wiped away
17. Every witchcraft pronouncement made against my destiny, receive fire, scatter to pieces
18. Every occult decree raised to pull me down, scatter and be canceled.
19. Oh Lord, my father, arise let your plan and your word stand in my life
20. Every word spoken by the strongman of my father’s house against my life break and be canceled.
21. Every evil word that is limiting me, your time is over receive fire and be canceled.
22. They that wage war against my greatness, Holy Ghost fire, blood of Jesus, pull them down
23. Blood of Jesus Christ, paralyze every word spoken against me by water spirit
24. Every word spoken and sealed with any blood against my destiny, receive fire break and scatter
25. Every secret word and embargo tying me down, break and scatter to pieces
26. Holy Ghost fire, locate and wipe away any personality, cursing me day and night
27. I fire back to senders, every evil word and decision raised against me
28. Blood of Jesus Christ, cancel every word spoken or written to stand against my life
29. Every evil pronouncement blocking my open door, receive fire, be wiped away
30. Oh Lord my father, open my great doors and restore my glory to me
31. By your power oh Lord, I reposition myself for excellence
32. My maker and my father, re-write every statement concerning my destiny
33. Prophesy and speak good word to yourself. 5mins
34. To your glory oh Lord, I must become who you created me to be, Amen.



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