Prayer For Dismissal Of Court Case



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A Prayer Before Court

Lord, we come before You as we prepare ourselves as we go into court today, and thank You that You are with us every moment of the day and have promised to uphold us with Your righteous right hand. Help us to keep our eyes fixed on You and pray that true justice will be carried out, to Your praise and glory.
Lord, You know the reason for this court hearing and we pray that You will oversee the whole procedure, and ask that in Your grace that true justice may be carried out, with impartiality. Thank You for Your precious promise.. that before we even call out  –  You will answer and show great and mighty things, and we trust You Lord,  to undertake throughout this whole court procedure.
Thank You that Jesus is my heavenly Advocate and I trust that in this this matter we will soon be fully exonerated and  totally vindicated, and that there will be no slur on anyone’s character or intentions.
Still our hearts and quiet our minds we pray as we prepare to enter the court-room. And we ask that Your perfect peace, which passes human comprehension will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus our Lord – and that in Your grace we may have clarity of thought, tranquility of minds,  wisdom in the answers we give, Your sufficient grace throughout the ordeal and an outcome that glorifies Your name – this we ask in Jesus name,

Prayer For Court Case Dismissal

Loving Lord, I ask for Your grace and mercy as I prepare to face the verdict of this court case and I ask that in Your loving kindness and great goodness, all the accusations against me would finally be dropped and permanently dismissed.
Lord, only You know the trouble and distress that this has caused me and my heart is anxious and fearful .. for I know how fickle people can be – but Lord I am trusting Your amazing grace and perfect timing,  and I pray that You would go before me to have this court case dropped completely and fully dismissed, and I will give You all the praise and glory.
I pray that You would go before me and fight for my cause and I ask that I will not be put to shame. Thank You that Your ears are ever open to the cries of Your children and thank You that You have promised to be my Defence and my Defender – thank You  that Your arm is quick to rescue all those that are trusting in You – and thank You in Jesus name 

Prayer For Court Case Victory

Heavenly Father, You know all about this court case that is coming up, and we come to You to pray for a resounding victory in this hearing. I pray that both judge and jury would deal honestly and with integrity and that the truth will prevail.
Lord, I ask that all the witnesses would be enabled to give clear and correct evidence and that You would undertake to be a shield against those that would seek to distort the truth or withhold information that might prove vital and necessary.
I pray that You would remove all anxiety from the hearts of all those who are attending this hearing and that soon we will be rejoicing at the victorious outcome for this court case.  We pray for a full and final victory and we will give You all the praise and glory  – in Jesus name we pray,

Prayer For Favour In Court Matters

Father, I find myself to be in the midst of a legal court battle and I ask for Your grace and favor in this matter. Be with me I pray and vindicate my name oh Lord – and may the truth prevail.
I ask that any false claims will be dropped and that there will be no compromise or falsity from the mouths of unreliable witnesses. I pray that those that would seek my downfall will fall into the trap that they are trying to set for me and that I will be declared innocent.. and fully vindicated from any false claims or accusations.
Keep my heart from fearful thoughts, and take away any distress I am feeling due to this unfortunate court matter. Have mercy on my situation and hear my prayer oh Lord. You are the Hope of the hopeless, the Helper of the helpless and the Sustainer of those that are oppressed and weary.
Help me to place my entire trust in You.. for You are my Defence and my Defender – my Protection and my Protector – and I look to You to vindicate me in this court matter. Thank You that in Christ I have a heavenly Advocate and that no weapon formed against me will prosper –for You have promised and it is in You that I place my trust,

Prayer For Those Involved In Court Cases

Loving heavenly Father, thank You that You are a God of justice and the Lord of righteousness and that You are also the source of all truth and the well-spring of all wisdom. We lift up today all those that are involved in court cases, whether it is the one who is being accused or those that are involved in the execution of fairness and justice.
We pray that You would lead and guide all those that are involved in the corridors of justice and provide them with the integrity to officiate without bias and bigotry.. and the wisdom and grace to discern the truth and to act upon it, without fear or favor.
We pray for those that are having to appear in the witness stand and ask that You would bring to their mind the unembellished truth and that their testimony is not tainted from their own developed prejudices. 
We do lift up those that are in the position of being brought to court to defend their own innocence or to confess their actual guilt, and we pray that all judicial proceedings would be carried out with a fair hearing and an impartial verdict. This we ask in Jesus name,


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