Prayer For The Healing Of The Nations



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Prayer For The Healing Of The Nations

Powerful Prayer For The Healing Of The Nations

A Prayer for National Healing

Gracious and loving God, we come as your children with sorrow in our hearts and lives which are confused and disturbed. This past week has brought death, pain, anguish and distress to so many people. We are struggling to find peace and solace among the devastation and hatred which has exploded in this troubled nation. We have thought that we were good and kind people yet there are so many who hate us. There are so many who wish us ill. We, ask, O Lord, where have we gone wrong? What have we done to make others dislike us so much as to come here and kill wantonly and without mercy?
We pray, O Lord, that you will heal this nation. Give peace and comfort to those who are in sorrow. Give healing and strength to those who have suffered injury and hurt at this time. Be with those on the rescue teams who are working under such difficult circumstances. Give wisdom and guidance to the President of this nation and be with the political and military leaders as they make the grave decisions necessary at this time. We pray for those who committed this horrible act and pray they will be brought to justice. But, Lord, we also pray for their salvation. Grant that they might know the love of Jesus Christ and bring about a change from hatred and murder to knowing how to love others and have peace abound in their hearts.
We ask, Lord, that you heal us, as a people, that we may join hands and work together for the good of all. Grant us the wisdom and faith to see that only in you are true love and joy ever found. Where we have wandered from your will, put us back on the path you would have us follow. Where we have bitterness and hate, give us love and consideration for others and from the ashes of hate and destruction, may we rise up as a nation committed to your teachings and your will and a light to the world.. This we ask in the name of your Son Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.




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