Prayer Point For December



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Prayer point for December

Powerful Prayer Point For December


This prayer guide continues to focus on aspects of the prophetic season which God has ushered the continent at the GAPNET congress in Accra Ghana which was held on 21-28 September 2008. The areas of prayer focus on personal, family, church, community, nations. Ensure that you read the teaching on “Repositioning For Dominion” in order to fully comprehend some of the prayer points.

December derived its name from the Latin word “Decem” meaning ten (10). It is the tenth (10th) month, (the month Tebeth) following the Jewish sacred calendar (and the Roman calendar), the fourth (4th) month following the Jewish civil calendar and the twelfth (12th) and last month of the year following the regular Gregorian calendar.

Prayer into the Significance of Numbers 4, 10 and 12

The number 4 has reference to all that is created. It is emphatically the number of creation, of man in his relation to the world as created. It is the number of material things and matter itself, material completeness.

Pray that everything in creation shall praise and exalt the Lord who created them for the sole purpose of His own pleasure. Pray that they will not respond to any other voice that commands them to do anything contrary to God’s purposes for them. (Rev4:11)
Pray that you will be part of the many matured sons of God who will be manifested in this season to liberate creation from its bondage in your family, community, in the church, nation and continent.(Rom 8:14-23)
Pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal to you areas where you have sought to get the “goods” of God’s kingdom through the armour in which the strong man trusted i.e. other means except by the armour of God i.e. God’s system of producing goods which has to do with righteousness and justice and repent as the Spirit leads you (Luk 11:21-22).
Ask the Holy Spirit to quicken you in areas where you have otherwise used what God has given you for purposes that did not cause His name to be hallowed and did not bring His kingdom to bear in your circumstances but rather caused you to weaken and get diverted in your devotion to Him. As a result you have less time to do the things of God (Luk 15:11-14).
Pray that you will use the material things God has already released and the new ones being released to establish His kingdom in your territory as it is in heaven starting from your family territory, the church, your nation and the continent. Pray that you will no longer delay or derail His purposes or bring Him displeasure by misusing the created things released to you (Rev 10:5)
Pray for the manifestation of the 4th Man Jesus Christ in all affairs of life in including your health, economic situation, politics and governance, spiritual situation, education, media, science and technology. Pray this for your family, church, nation and continent.
Pray that the 4th Man Jesus Christ will also manifest in the war torn, starving, poor, tense areas of Africa to bring about deliverance as those who are called by His Name stand pray for His kingdom to come and bear upon their territories. (Dan 3;25)
The number 10 represents stability and the perfection of divine order, a complete cycle. With the new season we entered in both in this 8th year and then more specifically in this time God has kick-started the end time revival, many things have shifted and changed location in the spiritual realm. It has manifested in instability in many areas of life including the international economy and financial situation, very wide fluctuations in oil prices, jittery financial markets, food security where food prices have escalated, instability in the church as God is shaking the old traditional ways, old belief systems, exposing hidden sin, shaking in the family and way we have been relating. Everything seems unstable yet God is saying a new thing is being done

Pray that while men’s hearts fail from fear of the unknown, you will rest upon the word of the Lord concerning you and this season – He is doing a new thing in the continent, in you, your family, marriage, business, Church, province and nation (Jer 29:11, Luk 21:26,33-36).
Pray that the sense of stability will be your portion contrary to anything that anyone or any situation is saying. Pray that He will be the rock upon which you will rest your anchor (Heb 6:19-20, Ps 46:1-3, Ps 18:1-3)
Pray that in any area you had lost faith or become discouraged concerning God’s promises, the Holy Spirit fill you with songs of deliverance, and give you a sign to encourage you to continue standing on God’s word even when circumstances are contrary. Pray this concerning personal promises and prophecies, in your family, your church, nation and continent (Isa 55:10-11, Isa 40:8, Ps 32:6-8, )
The tree of life produces 12 crops of fruit per year. Pray that you will eat the fruit of the tree of life which is assigned for this month. Pray this for your family, church, nation and the continent. (Rev 22:2)
We are in a season where the world and unfortunately the church too does not respect divine order in every area of life. There are increasing disobedience to the way God expects society to flow. Pray for the revelation and obedience to divine order in your family, in the church, in the nation and continent (Eph 5:22-6:9, 1Cor 2:9-12)
12 is the number for divine government.

God has kick-started the end time revival. It is a season when God’s divine agenda for Africa comes to play. The mantle of spiritual authority has been over Africa for some time now. Her role is to enforce God’s dominion over all the earth in a time when most other nations are apathetic to the kingdom of God.

Pray that the church in Africa will take seriously this call and not drop the baton out of ignorance. Pray that the church will take up her role in fulfilling this prophetic role to enforce His divine government order over every area of the earth.
Pray that by the Finger of God, the government of witches, wizards, sorcerers, diviners, necromancers, astrologers, monthly prognosticators and traffickers of familiar spirits and the enemy himself and all his surrogate spirits that have used these human agents over your family, church, nation and continent are hereby cast out (Lk 11:20)
Pray that as these governmental systems of the kingdom of darkness are cast out, you will be one of those who will cause the kingdom of God to bear upon each of these areas. Pray for the patterns of God’s divine government will begin to reflect in the constitution of your family, nation, the church and continent (Ro 8:19-22)
Pray specifically for Ghana, and any other nation facing elections in this season, that God Himself who is the President of all presidents and King of all kings will come down and put His hand of favour upon the person whom He would have rule over the nation in this prophetic new season. (Is 52:10)
The twelfth month represents a period of hunger (because of food scarcity) and old age. Winter being the last of the four seasons of the year, is also the period for the manifestation of the nature of the eagle or the operation of the eagle face of the 4 living creatures (Ezekiel 1:10). It is similarly the period for the manifestation of the nature of the palm tree and the olive trees which represent the restoration of freshness in any dying situation.

Prayer Into the Winter Season

While there is a lot of preaching, publications, and media going out concerning the gospel, there is little with regard to the gospel that builds people toward the kingdom of God. There is an increasing scarcity of the Rhema word of God. Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you in this season to store up every Rhema word, and assimilate it in your lifestyle so that you become strong in the days to come (Amos 8:11, Col 3:16, Josh 1:8)
Many people believe that there is something like retirement while they are still alive. That is a lie of the devil. You only retire when you die. The only person who ever planned to retire in the bible got killed for it. He said he had worked hard and stored up enough, even built bigger barns and then would retire and enjoy the fruit of his labour. God told him that his soul would be required of him that night. Ask God to forgive you if you had such a mindset. Also ask Him to help you at that time when you have gathered greatest experience of life, you will be useful to the establish the generations to come. Pray that whatsoever your hand finds to do after your employment is finished, will be more prosperous than when you had that job (Luk 12:13-21)
Pray the promise of God in Psalm 92:14-15 for all those in the winter years of life (old age) who have believed a lie that they will no longer be able to do anything for the Lord. Pray that they will be even more fruitful in their old age.
Praying the natures of the Eagle, Palm tree and Olive tree

During this month, activate the nature of the eagle face of the 4 living creatures, the nature of the Palm tree and the nature of the Olive tree to renew and establish God’s purposes for your life, family, ministry, business, Church and nation.

At certain intervals, the eagle characteristically flies to a very high mountain; shed all its feathers and stays there until new ones grow. This is a requirement for all children of the Most High God that we go and stay before the Lord on the mountain Just as Moses did until we are renewed and shine with the glory of God.

Take a fast of thanksgiving, joy and gladness in the Lord. Pray and ask God to renew your strength, commitment to love Him, submission to His word and will and give you directions for you life, family, Church, nation and continent. (Zec 8:19; Mar 12:30; Isa 48:17)
The eagle have eyes that sees things afar off with precision. It speaks of the prophetic insight;

Pray and ask God to give you the eyes of an eagle which is just like the seven eyes God to enable you see what God will have you see, clearly, and prophetically into the areas He needs you to adjust in this new season. Pray for heightened prophetic insight and discernment of events and the interpretation thereof into actions that will propel you further into Gods purposes. Pray also for your family, church, nation and the continent. (1 Chron 12:32, Zec 4:10; Rev 5:6)

Proclaim Ps 23
Thank God for His provision because He supplies all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus, thank Him for His protection because He is a wall of fire around you, thank Him for his guidance because He leads you besides still waters. Thank Him for being the Good Shepherd over all His people globally. (Phil 4:19; Zec 2:5; Ps 23:2; Joh 10:11; 1 Th 5:18)




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