Prayer Points Against Household Witchcraft


Prayer Points Against Household Witchcraft

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Prayer points against household witchcraft

Deliverance prayer points to destroy witchcraft attacks

Say these prayers 12 midnight

Stand on this scripture Micah 5 vs. 12 I will destroy your witchcraft and you will no longer cast spells

Witchcraft power from my fathers house troubling my life, be troubled by the fire of the Holy Ghost

You my blood enemy, receive the judgement of God

Witchcraft power assigned against me, be destroyed in Jesus name

Any power any where, using witchcraft power to trouble my die, I overcome u with the blood of the lamb

I withdraw my name from witchcraft register in Jesus name

I withdraw my glory from the custody of witchcraft in Jesus name

Household witchcraft firing evil arrows against me….receive the arrows of God in Jesus name

Any witchcraft meeting summoned for my sake…Lion of the tribe of Judah appear there

Any member of my household that is attending witchcraft meeting for my sake…..fall down and die in Jesus name

Witchcraft embargo on my destiny, finances, marriage…..break (say ‘break’ 30 times ) in Jesus name.

My glory..what are u doing in the witchcraft cage…come out now by fire in Jesus name

I release my life, glory, CV, marriage, destiny, from household witchcraft.

Any power from my fathers house that has vowed that he will not live to see me prosper, what are u waiting for, die now in Jesus name

You my blood enemy assigned to frustrate me … covered with the fire of disgrace in Jesus name

Any witchcraft meeting summoned for my sake…I scatter you with the stones of fire


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