Prayer Point On There Shall Be No Loss



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Prayer Point On There Shall Be No Loss

(Prayer courtesy of Perspective)

1. Father! Thank You for bringing me here in peace
2. In every family represented here tonight, come and magnify Yourself, come and glorify Your name.
3. Father, we are asking that Your counsel be established in our families.
4. Every hole in your life, marriage, academics shall be sealed in the name of Jesus
5. Father! I prophesize into my life no more losses, I shall suffer no more in Jesus name
6. Father! Increase me, my business, my family, my professional services, my ministry RCCG in the name of Jesus
7. Father restore every loss in the year 2015 to me in double fold in 2016
8. Let us thank Him specially for wiping #Ebola out of Nigeria permanently
9. Thank God specially for His peace in Nigeria; that we are not divided today is a testimony

10. Joel 2:3 Thank God He has not allowed our soil to suffer drought
11. Thank God for protecting #Nigeria against natural disasters and every form of trouble
12. Let us also thank Him for our spiritual cover, We’ve not suffered spiritual Famine
13. Let us thank Him for good leaders that are emerging in Nigeria and how God has helped them so far
14. Let us thank Him because we’re beginning to see the restoration of our dear nation, Nigeria and a permanent end has come to our Losses as a nation
15. Thank God because you will also eat of the good of this Land
16. Father! I want to thank You that I’m here today despite what devil has done
17. In the name that is above every other name the word loss will get out of your dictionary tonight
18. Father, Hear Me Loud and Clear, I Hereby Decree That My Tomorrow Will Be Alright.
19. I decree “ALL” the years you’ve wasted shall be fully restored to you in Jesus name
20. Father, I Hereby Declare Loud and Clear That This Will Be The Best Year In My Life.
21. Father, We Agree Today That Every Prayer We Pray This Year Shall Be Answered By Fire.
22. Father, We Agree That Before The End of This Month, We Shall All Be Singing A New Song.
23. Father, I Promise To Be Profitable, Please Don’t Cut Me Off.
24. Father, Please Let Your Work Prosper In My Hands.
25. Father, Please Step Into My Case And Reverse The Irreversible In My Life.
26. Father, We Are All In Agreement Today, No More Losses In The Name Of Jesus’ Name!
27. Father, Please Give Me The Hearing Ears & The Doing Heart Give To Me Oh Lord.
28. Father, I Will Mind Your Business, Please Mind My Own Business In Jesus Name. Amen!
29. Father, Please Take Over My Life, My Business! My Marriage & Everything. I Don’t Want To Suffer Any Loss Again.

30. Father, Please, Don’t Let Anyone around me suffer any loss again in Jesus Name. Amen!


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