Prayer Points Against Coffin Spirit



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Prayer Points Against Coffin Spirit

Powerful Prayer Points Against Coffin Spirit

Preacher: Pastor Kehinde.
Topic: Destroy the Coffin and release your future.
The preacher draws the topic from the bible text in Luke 7: 11-15. This was the story about a miracle Jesus performed in the city of Nigh. There was a mother who was a widow and her only son die and was been carried in a bier (coffin). She wept so much that Jesus saw her and had compassion on her. Jesus said weep no more and laid hands on the bier and those that carried her son stood still and the young man rose up and Jesus handed him over to his mother.

The preacher illustrates that at the point the young man was been carried in the coffin, his future had been cut shout, his destiny withheld, the hopes, visions, expectations his mother had on him dashed to pieces by the spirit of the coffin that held him captive. He further explain that the coffin in the spiritual realm is an instrument of slavery and oppression used by the enemy to hold one captive of achieving Gods plan and purpose for once life.
Coffin symbolizes seven things in the spiritual realm: Fear, Blindness, Stagnation, Captivity, Slavery, Evil exchange, Tears, The presence of evil and Death.

Looking at some of this items from the lane mans point of view when an individual is in a coffin there is fear around the situation that made that circumstance to arise, the people around are afraid because they are reminded that death could come knocking at any point in time. When a person is in coffin blindness is in existence because the individual is not only dead but confined to a box and has to rely on the sight of his bearers. The limitation that arises from been locked in a box set stagnation and captivity into place. Stagnation involves not been able to move ahead or backwards, obviously when one is been confined to a box there is stagnation and when one has no control over it then the person is held captive. Slavery comes into play because an individual that has no control over his affairs can be tossed around anyhow. In all if one is confined into a box (coffin) for a certain period of time either dead or alive, death will definitely set in.

Different situation in our life can be associated to the existence of a spiritual coffin which has held us captive. Spiritual coffins are used to manipulate once success, plant terrible sicknesses and diseases into the life of a person, limit once potentials, inflict confusion, restrict one from doing the will of GOD and so on. We must establish a spiritual war against this spirit of the coffin so that our futures, visions, potentials, destinies that is been held captive can be releases by fire. However, it must be noted that this cannot be done effectively unless we surrender completely to GOD move closer to him by doing his will and studding his word and also by consistent prayer and fasting. With God and him alone are all this made possible. AMEN.

Prayer Point:
Every coffin that has held me captive, break into pieces by the power in the blood of Jesus and release me by fire in Jesus name.
Every coffin sprit pursuing me around, fall down and die in the mighty name of Jesus.



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