Prayer Points Against Road Accidents



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Prayer Points Against Road Accidents

Powerful Prayer Points Against Road Accidents

Prayers against road accidents

1. Our father and our God we repent all our sins and the sins of Malawi in Jesus name
2. Every satanic seasonal calendar disappear in Jesus name
3. We plead the blood of Jesus on all roads.
4 .Let all satanic road blocks catch fire now in Jesus
5. We destroy all evil altars causing accidents in Jesus name
6. Battle axe of God locate every spiritual get men in our roads
7. Eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood we drag you to the court of the almighty, receive judgement from the Lord
8. Satanic and witchcraft agenda on the roads of Malawi go back to your senders
9. Familiar spirits monitoring our travelling receive total blindness in Jesus name
10. I reject premature death in Jesus name
11. Accident is not my portion in Jesus name
12 I shall live and not die and declare the works of the Lord
13 .I bind and palyse every strongman causing accidents.
14 What ever has been planted spiritually to cause accidents be uprooted by the blood of Jesus
15 Satanic documents and files containing my name or my relatives catch fire now
16 Hammer of God locate every giant sponsoring accidents.
17 I drink the blood of Jesus and am delivered from every satanic and witchcraft attacks
-If you have a car pray for it and anoint it with oil.

Source: Malawi Voice


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