Prayer Points Against The Storms Of Life


Prayer Points Against The Storms Of Life


Memory Verse: Mark 4;39 – And he arose, and rebuked the wind, and said unto the sea, Peace, be still. And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.

You are welcome to the weekend delight with the Extraordinary Strategist, the One whom knows your strength and weakness, the Holy Spirit of God.

I believe we all understand the story in our memory verse, however for the benefit of those whom do not know. The disciples of Jesus were in same ship with Him and in the course of their journey, a storm attacked them. Meanwhile Jesus Christ was in a comfortable part of the ship sleeping while the storm raged, therefore out of fear of death they ran to their Master for Help. Jesus Christ rebuked the storm, however was disappointed with His disciples for their inability to address the storm that stood as barrier to their moving forward.

Consequently the Holy Spirit needs a particular reader of these Our Daily Diet devotional whom have been passing through different storms of life and has nearly given up on God to prayerfully address it today.

Begin to sing your best worship song…Make sure you have started singing now.

Sing these along with me if you know it but if you do not just read it prayerfully.

There is Power, Power wonder working power in the blood of the lamb; there is Power, Power wonder working power in the precious blood of the lamb (Repeat 3x)

Pray the following prayers with all your heart and be confident that God has answered and it shall be so in your life. Remain blessed in Jesus name. Feel free to send us your prayer requests.


I repent from every sin of doubt in my life today in the name of Jesus Christ.

By the Blood of Jesus Christ I purge my life of every sinful nature in the name of Jesus Christ

I reject and denounce satan and the works of darkness in my life in the name of Jesus Christ.

Every storm in my marriage, carrier, business, school, etc Peace be Still in the name of Jesus Christ{Repeat it until you are convinced that it is done}

Every satanic storm preventing my prayer life, Peace be still in the name of Jesus Christ

Every contrary voice speaking into the destiny of my children, grand-children, great grand-children be silenced by the blood of Jesus Christ

Thank you Father Thank you Jesus Christ Thank you Holy Spirit for prayers answered. Amen


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