Prayer Points Before Going To Bed



Prayer points on guarding your night hours.

The World is a theater of war, filled with weapons of warfare. There are thorns and thistles of wickedness scattered all over the place. The enemies are firing arrows and weapons at their targets, maiming and killing their victims at the least given opportunity. Beloved the night is one such moment that provides the enemies the cover they desire and seek. Therefore, I appeal to all believers and millions and followers of this blog worldwide to take the following prayer serious and pray with holy energy and power. You shall pray this every night before you go to sleep.

O LORD my Father I take refuge in thee with all my family be our shield of protection.

O LORD my God I pray thee take over the battle of my life and destiny. The night is the weakest moments of my destiny defend and save my life and destiny from harm. Hallelujah!

Holy Spirit I have no powers of my own, fight my battle for me. Fight my battle for me. Fight my battle for me.

Any power from the kingdom of darkness attacking my life and destiny, catch fire burn to ashes. I decree and declare that you are a failure.

Any power delegated to attack my sense-knowledge during the night, receive the judgment of God. Let the anger of the Almighty God fall on you now in the name of Jesus.

And you allotted to attack my revelation- knowledge, be paralyzed. I jealously guide my revelation-knowledge with Holy Ghost fire. Nothing will hamper my ability to receive and transmit information to and from Heaven.

Every satanic chain tying me down, break and destroy. I refuse to be oppressed during sleep. Every venom or poison injected into my life during sleep be drained out by the power that is in the blood of Jesus.

Power of the Almighty God smash and destroy the stronghold of the enemy of my life and destiny. Shatter to pieces the camp of the kingdom of darkness. Let every coven of darkness catch fire right now and burn to ashes.

O Lord disgrace publicly and make an open shame of all the principalities and powers warring against me and my family. I decree paralysis to them in the name of Jesus. I bound you with fetters of iron and I cast you into the bottomless pit of darkness.

I guide and protect my night hour with the blood of Jesus Christ. Every demon or evil spirit operating against me and my family at the wee hour of the night, I command you by the name of my Lord Jesus Christ, roast by fire. I circle my life, my family and loved ones with blood of Jesus.

Agent of oppression assign against me and my loved ones in the night be destroy by thunder fire of God in the name of Jesus. I command fire of God upon all your weapon of oppression and destruction. Holy Ghost fire, destroy them! Holy Ghost fire, destroy them! Holy Ghost fire, destroy them! I decree peaceful and sound sleep in the name of Jesus. Amen!


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