Prayer Points By Pastor Adeboye



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Prayer points by Pastor Adeboye


Powerful Prayer Points By Pastor Adeboye


The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye, held a spirit-filled program in London themed ‘In Christ Alone’. One of the highlights of the event was the attendance of UK Prime Minister David Cameron who stormed the service. It was also at this service that Pastor Adeboye prophesied into the lives of people. Some of the prayer points as said by the highly respected man of God are listed below:

– The opportunity you thought you lost is coming back to you right now

– I don’t know who you are but all am saying is; that sickness in your life is OVER

– There’s somebody here tonight who will never weep again!

– When a man knows who he is he doesn’t have to shout before miracles happen Psalm24:7-10

– I am speaking on behalf of the Almighty every Demon that followed you here tonight will not return with you in the name of Jesus

– Every force that has been tying you down I Decree be free in Jesus name

– There’s someone here today they’ve told you you’re incurrrable God said I should tell you your testimony will be greater than that of Naman

– As the Lord lives every Barren woman reading this by this time next year you’ll come rejoicing with your set of twins

– The Lord says I should tell you the one who is determined to truncate your destiny will not last any longer

– I speak with authority you failure reading this you shall not fail again

– I prophesy to you once again you will never fail again

– The word of God is coming to your finances right now and your testimony will be God has been blessing me beyond measures

– I prophesy to you today whatever money you have left will never finish

– The Lord said I should tell you I support your decision whatever you reject tonight shall become forbidden because I support your decision

– Everyone of you living under a curse I break the curses and pronounce Blessings over you In Jesus name

– I decree tonight every curse on your life is broken now in the name of Jesus

– There’s someone here tonight the blessings you don’t qualify for the Lord will give to you

– Father please speak and let my Body hear your word and I’ll be made whole

– Father, please speak. Let my entire system hear Your word and be made free from every yoke

– Father, please speak so that fruitlessness will end forever in my life.

– Father, please speak to my future so I will never know failure or defeat again

– Father, please speak to my resources so I will never lack again.

– Father, please speak and change all curses in my life to blessings

– Every plant God did not plant in your life is uprooted now in the name of Jesus

– I decree from now on you will be debt free in the name of Jesus

– Father by the time I leave here @rccgfoluk let me sing a new song

– Father if you’re visiting only one person @rccgfoluk tonight let it be me.


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