Prayer Points For Child Bearing



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Prayer Points For Child Bearing

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Powerful Prayer Points For Child Bearing

CONFESSION: Jeremiah 32:17, 20:10-12, Psalm 35:1-8, 68:1-2, Isa. 54:17, Gen. 21:1-3.
1. Every power that does not want me to have children on earth disappear by fire in Jesus name.
2. You spirit that has vowed to waste my blood or my manhood, what are you waiting for, fall down and die in Jesus name.
3. You household power that has refuse to turn back, be roasted in Jesus name.
4. You dark power of this world that has cooperate with each other that I will not have peace in my marriage, perish in Jesus name.
5. Any power, any spirit or any personality using the wind against my getting pregnant, I decree now, run mad and go into the forest in Jesus name.
6. You generational power of darkness of my father’s house that is against my childbearing, perish by fire in Jesus name.
7. Power of darkness from the trees that does not want my womb to have good fruit, I uproot the tree and I set you ablaze in the name of Jesus.
8. Power of evil spirit from my village, at the T-junction that is following me about to destroy good things in my marriage fire of the God of Elijah consume them to ashes in Jesus name.
9. Evil plan from my mother’s house that is causing lack of joy in my marriage, I destroy you and your plan in Jesus name.
10. Evil plan from my mother’s house that is causing lack of joy in my marriage, I destroy you and your plan in Jesus name.
11. Evil stone of witchcraft in my womb that does not allow pregnancy to stay, fire of the Holy Ghost melt them away in Jesus name.
12. Every evil eye in my womb that is looking at me and my husband whenever we meet and does not allow our marriage to be blessed, receive blindness and die in the name of Jesus.
13. Any personality that is happy that I am in the problem of childlessness I turn your joy into sorrow in Jesus name.
14. Any creature, dark power that is using fat to block my womb and that does not allow baby to stay in my womb, power of God from on high fall on them and destroy them in Jesus name
15. Power from the earth, that the enemy has sent on an errand against my marriage, that I should not bear fruit, spirit of God destroy them in the Jesus name.
16. Power from the forest that is living with me, I call the fire of God on you, burn to ashes in Jesus name
17. Powers from the water that is angry because of my marriage fire of the Holy Ghost dry up the source of the water in Jesus name.
18. The power that has vowed to waste my manhood/womb without issue, die now in the Jesus name.
19. O Lord put an end to sorrow in my marriage in the name of Jesus
20. O Lord, judge all my enemies in Jesus name.
21. Father Lord, disgrace my enemies in Jesus name.
22. My manhood/womb that witchcraft powers have swallowed, be vomited by fire in Jesus name.
23. My manhood/womb in the mouth of wizard become the sword of death in the Jesus name
24. You my body hear the word of the living God, you must not cooperate with my enemies in the Jesus name
25. Every throne of king of Herod in my family be dismantled in the Jesus name
26. O Lord deliver my wife/husband from evil animal in the Jesus name
27. O Lord, break the store house of witchcraft where they kept my womb in Jesus name.
28. Good door that has been shut against my marriage, be opened in the Jesus name
29. O Lord kill the strange spirit that does not want us to the hear the cry of a baby in our marriage in the Jesus name
30. Power of God that does not allow good things to be destroyed enter into my life.
31. Power of creation of God manifest in my life, re- create my life and that of my spouse in the name of Jesus
32. The day of my joy will not turn to day of sorrow as the enemy wish in the Jesus name.
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