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Prayer points for church service

Powerful Prayer Points For Church Service

Prayer Points For Church Service- 35 Powerful Opening Prayers for Church Service

Being alive is a privilege, having good health as supplement is by grace and knowing the only true God who is to be worshiped for this provisions is the greatest feeling ever.

We gather from time to time to fellowship, forsaking not the gathering of brethren and every of such coming together there is need to appreciate God and invite his presence. You know that when he comes, then we are rest assured of a successful outing.

The opening prayer points for church service is about the most important and it must be got right to kick start everything in the right direction. You don’t wanna miss giving the right prayers.

Here are some of the prayers to Launch yourself into the aura of Gods presence and have a fulfilled time worshiping in the beauty of his holiness.

Opening Prayer Points for Church Service

1. We Adore You, Lord

Our father in heaven, king of glory, faithful father, we adore your name and glorify you forever. It is by your will that we are alive and healthy and you have given us the grace to converge. You promised us that whenever we call upon your name, you will answer us with your presence. Come into our midst our father, fellowship with us, visit us with your overwhelming presence and make your blessings abundant in our meeting today. As we start this meeting, from the beginning to the end, glorify yourself and make us satisfied in you.

2. Accept Our Offering of Praise, Lord

Righteous Father, the maker of heaven and earth, the God of all flesh, you made all things according to the word of your power and you made us the head of all creations. We are here today to worship you. Make our praises and worship accepted in thy sight. You made us understand that you inhabit the praise of your people, come down lord and ride on the wings of our praise. In our gathering today let us feel you, refresh us in you, renew us and make us grow in you. As we start today, guide us through according to your will.

3. Show Your Power, Lord

Holy lord, mighty God of heaven, the God that answers prayers, where two or three are gathered in your name, you said you are present there. We welcome your presence oh Lord, we pray you manifest your power and glory today, we want you to shine your lights in us and through us that we may illuminate others for you. As we tarry in your presence today to worship, reveal unto us the knowledge of divine mysteries of your word that will transform our lives forever.

4. We Begin with You, Dear Lord

Alpha and Omega, Jesus Christ the author and finisher of our faith. We invite you to start today with us, we cannot do anything except your presence comes. Come, oh Lord, with your spirit and fill this place with your glory. Accept our worship and praises. Let everything we do today be divinely orchestrated from heaven. Let the manifestations of power be released upon us. Open the windows of heaven and bless us abundantly and let your joy overflow us all through the day of our lives.

5. We Need You, Dear Lord

Blessed Lord, you are great, the heavens speak of your glory. You do wonders in heaven and we see the signs on earth. We the work of your hands worship you today, accept our worship in Jesus name. We have not forsaken the gathering of the brethren, we have come to fellowship with each other in your presence, come down and lord and let us feel your presence. As we continue in today’s service, we want to see your great power move admits us. Let every one of us encounter you in a different way. Bless us in all ramifications of our life and give us everlasting joy in you.

6. You Made Us Alive

Heavenly Father, we thank you for all you’ve done in our lives, we thank you because you counted us worthy to be among the living souls and to know you the only true God. Accept our thanks in Jesus name. Today is the day you the lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it. Righteous father, as we continue in the service, fill us with joy unlimited, make us refreshed. Bind us with your chord of unity and let everyone see your glory in us. Thank you for being our God forever.

7. Make Us Filled in Your Presence

We bless you for giving us grace through the night, that we are alive and healthy is by your power, you even provided for all of our needs that we are not lacking any good thing we worship your holy name for this, accept our worship in Jesus name. We pray as we continue in today’s service, visit us mightily, let us feel your presence amidst us. we pray for those here and those coming, don’t make us go back the same. At the end of everything, let us glorify your name for a successful time in your presence.

8. Oh Lord, You Are Our Power

Everlasting Lord, we thank you for the grace to come before you again, accept our praises in Jesus name. we magnify your name oh God. we thank you for your promises, you make us understand that whatsoever we bind on earth is bind in heaven, we bind every power of the enemy against this gathering, we cast out every evil spirit against our coming together in Jesus name. We pray that today, you will meet us at our point of need, we would all go home happy from your presence.

9. Shine Your Light Father

Holy Lord, you are worthy of our praises. You reign in majesty, you are God forever. We appreciate you for giving us the grace to be in your presence today. We hallow your name. Accept our adoration in Jesus name. We are here again mighty God, you are the father of light as we come into your presence, we nullify every evil presence, we pray your light shines brightly in us and making us shining lights for you. Let people see your glory in us and let them come to worship you the living God.

10. We Destroy Evil Plans

Hallow be your name oh God, the father of heaven and earth, we are here today to appreciate you because you have been faithful, you have kept us all through the week and we are here to gather in your presence, come and glorify yourself in our midst today. As we go into today’s service, we come against every plan of the devil and we pray that only your will be done. We ask that you bless us in abundance and make us a blessing unto generations. Thank you, Jesus, for answered prayers.

11. Let Your Presence Come

Glory be to God in the highest, thank you, Jesus, for the grace we have in you. We are gathered here today, you promised us that where two or three are gathered in your name, you are there with us. We have gathered to praise and worship you, come down oh lord and fellowship with us. Let be presence be felt in our midst. Come with the abundance of your blessings and give us overflow. Thank you, Jesus, because you hear us always.

12. Refresh Us in Your Presence

Hosanna to the king of Glory, We sing your praises our father, we magnify your name. We gather here in your presence, we bow before your throne. We have come for refreshing visit us with your presence. You promised us in your word that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved, we, your children, call upon you our father, save us from sin, poverty, hardship, tribulation. Guide us through our journey in life and reveal your greatness in us.

13. Sanctify Our Heart to Receive

Blessed Lord, we are gathered here today before your throne of grace. We are so unworthy of the good things you’ve given unto us but by the grace of Jesus, we have received these things, be glorified forever in Jesus name. Oh God, we come unto you for forgiveness and sanctification of our hearts that we may receive from you, make us sanctified in Jesus name. As we continue in the service let your presence overshadow us and let blessings all round be our portion.

14. Manifest Yourself oh Lord

Father in heaven, you alone are worthy of all our praises, we come together and raise our voices in praises for your wondrous works in our lives. Accept our thanksgiving in Jesus name. All other gods are the works of hands, you are the only living God. Come and manifest yourself in our midst today. We know in your word that without you we can do nothing, come and empower us to do great things for you in Jesus name.

15. Establish Us for Yourself, Dear Lord

Oh Lord our God, you reign from everlasting to everlasting. You are mighty, your glory is eternal. Holy lord, we understand that it is only those that have clean hands and pure hearts that can tarry in your presence. God of heaven cleanse all our iniquities, make us worthy to be in your presence. Help us to enjoy all the blessings that come with worshiping you. Establish us a peculiar nation for your name and let people see your glory in our lives forever.

16. Make Us White as Snow

You are worthy to be glorified, Jehovah is your name, accept our praises today in Jesus name. You said if our sins are as red as crimson, you would make it white as snow, we come to your throne of mercy, purge us from all sins and make us spotless. We are gathered in your presence, we want you to come and fellowship with us, bind us with your chord of love and unity, let everything we do today be ordained from your throne and let us go back home with the fullness of you in Jesus name.

17. Fill Us with Overwhelming Joy

Righteous Father, King of heaven, we, your children, are gathered here today. We are those called by your name, we are alive to praise and worship you, we come to fulfill our purpose on earth. Accept our thanksgiving in Jesus name. In your presence, oh Lord, there is fullness of joy, fill us with your overwhelming joy. Strengthen us in you that we would remain standing even during the storms that we may be counted with you at the end. Go with us lord and make our gathering today successful. Thank you for answered prayers.

18. You Are Our Defender

Oh our Lord, if not for you, we would have been dead and forgotten, when the enemies came against us, like a flood, your spirit raised up a standard against them, we are in you as our fortress and the plans of the enemies have failed over us, accept our thanks in Jesus name. You have kept us alive and healthy to come together today to worship your holy name, without you, our gathering would be in vain. Come down oh lord and fellowship with us. Let everything we will do today glorify your holy name and make us refreshed and happy in you forever.

19. We Want Your Visitation

Mighty God, your majesty oh lord, we bow before your throne and we sing of your righteousness, of your faithfulness, be glorified lord in Jesus name. We, your children, are before you this day, we call upon you, come and manifest your presence, we want to see your power flow, we want you to be refreshed in your presence, come with your wonder-working power and visit us today in Jesus name. At the end of today, let this be the best gathering we have ever attended in Jesus name.

20. Settle Our Problems, Dear Lord

Our Father in heaven, the lord that answers with fire. Our wonder working father, we come together to worship your precious name, accept our thanksgiving in Jesus name. Oh God, we are gathered here in your presence, visit us mightily, let us have an encounter with you. Your word says “Who is the mountain in front of Zerubbabel, it shall be made low”. Let all our mountainous problems be made low. Let all our heart desires be met by you today. Give us joy all round in Jesus name.

21. We Commit all Unto You

Heavenly father our maker, the provider and protector of our lives. It is because we are alive and healthy that we can gather together today to worship your name. We praise you and give you all adoration, accept our thanks in Jesus name. Oh God, we commit all the activities of today in your hands, let everything we do be to your glory and at the end, let us be refreshed with your presence.

22. We are Yours, Accept Our Praises

Our Father, we acknowledge your authority, we have gathered here today to fellowship with you, let your presence come in Jesus name. We know from the psalms of David that you are God, it is you that has made us, we are your people and the sheep of your pasture. We come unto your tabernacle with praise and thanksgiving, accept it oh lord in Jesus name. Go with us as the service progress and grant all our petitions in Jesus name.

23. Overshadow Us with Power

Who is like unto thee oh Lord, there’s none like thee our father, who is glorious in holiness and fearful in praises. We adore you today and we bless your holy name because you are the only true God, ride on the wings of our praises today. We know that our gathering would be futile if your presence is not with us, let this place be filled with your presence. Encompass us with the fullness of your power and make us a testimony of greatness. Thank you, Jesus, for answered prayers.

24. Our Purpose is to Praise

Righteous Father, we appreciate you for the gift of life and for the grace to be gathered in your presence again this day, be highly exalted oh lord. This is the reason you created us, to worship and to praise you throughout our existence and we are here to fulfill this purpose. Holy Spirit of God, strengthen us to worship God in the beauty of his holiness and let the blessings that come from true worship be released unto us. Keep us alive to continue in this fulfillment in Jesus name.

25. Remove Darkness, Shine Light

Oh Lord our God, the maker of heaven and earth. You the lord that shines in darkness and darkness cannot comprehend, you reign in holiness and no evil an impurity can associate. We call upon your presence as we start today’s gathering. Come, oh Lord, and let every evil and darkness disappear. As we go today fill our hearts with joy, recharge and refill us with the sweetness of your presence. Empower us to live all the rest of our lives for you.

26. Fill Us with Your Glory

Heavenly Lord, your name is wonderful and glorious, everyone on earth sing of your wondrous works, you are the king of Glory, we worship you, Lord. We come to your presence in the unity of faith to ask for the infilling of your power, without your power we can do nothing. We pray that your glory radiates in our lives as we live as your ambassadors throughout the days of our lives. Let none of us here go empty handed. Go with us in the service and make it a fulfilling time in your presence.

27. Release Your Blessings in Us

We bless your holy name lord for another time of gathering as your children, be thou exalted forever. We come against every evil plot concerning this gathering and we nullify it, we pray for grace to remain standing in you, grant it unto us in Jesus name. Fill us with your power and bind us with the chord of love. Open the floodgates of heaven and release your rain of blessings. Let us be refreshed in you and let us look forward to the next gathering with enthusiasm because of what you’ll do today. Thank you because you are always there for us. In Jesus name, we pray.

28. In Your Presence, There is Rejoicing

Father of grace, it is by you that we are alive and healthy, we have come to your presence today and we present our bodies as a living and holy sacrifice unto you, accept our sacrifice and bless it in Jesus name. Your word said “there shall always be a shout of rejoicing and salvation in the tabernacle of the righteous”, Let us have every cause to be joyous in you all the days of our lives. Go with us oh lord, visit every one of us in this gathering with your wonder-working power. Make us blessed and fulfilled.

29. We Commit Our Ways unto You

Our father and our God, blessed be your name forever. There is none like you in heaven and on earth, we, your children are gathered in your presence this day to worship you, let our praise and worship come unto you as a sweet-smelling savour. Our provider, we put our trust in you and we commit all our plans in your hands, bring it to pass oh lord, settle all our cases, do not let us go in vain, visit us at the point of our needs, bless us till we become a blessing. And at the end of today’s service let us be filled from your presence.

30. You Care for Us

Our father, we have gathered here again in your presence, you are the God of heaven, you made everything on earth by the command of your word. We appreciate and exalt you for your faithfulness in our lives. Daddy, we come to you and cast all our cares on you because you care for us, you have created us in abundance, remove every lack from our lives. Let us be renewed. Give us the strength to face our week. Let everything we do in this service glorify your name. We worship you because you are our God forever.

31. Help Us to Grow in You

Heavenly father, you reign in our lives, from everlasting to everlasting, be glorified lord in Jesus name. Oh Lord let your kingdom come, let your presence be manifested in our midst. We have gathered here in unity, visit us mightily. As we tarry in your presence, lord increase our knowledge in you, that we may grow in stature and maturity in you. Continue with us as we start. Be our alpha and omega. At the end of everything, let us be blessed beyond measure in Jesus name.

32. Fill Us with Every Good Thing

Mighty God, you have kept us alive to worship your holy name and we are gathered here to do that. Thank you for this grace. The psalmist says “I am glad when they said to me let us go into the house of the lord” because in your presence there is hope, strength, joy and peace to live a worthy life. In your presence, there is grace sufficient to see us through our journey in you. Oh God, we have to your tabernacle today, fill us with every good thing in Christ. Renew your love in our hearts and let us live our lives for you. We pray that all our programs in this service will glorify you and you will be happy with us in Jesus name.

33. Endow Us with Power

Blessed Lord, we worship you for the grace to gather in your presence today, accept our thanks in Jesus name. In this service come and manifest your presence. According to your word, every good and perfect thing comes from above, from your throne oh Lord. Give us everything we need pertaining to life and godliness. Endow us with the power to do all things, because we know, in you, we can do all things through Christ that strengthens us, abide with us oh lord. Accept our sacrifice of praise and worship and let us go back home refreshed and filled with joy unspeakable in Jesus name.

34. Let Your Presence Come

The lord that does wondrous things, you reveal yourself to your children, we are here for the refreshment that comes from your presence. Let the whole earth be filled with your glory, come down like smoke, fill us till we want no more. Let us be lost in the euphoria of your presence. Because we know when you come you will meet us at the point of our needs, as we continue this service, let every soul here have an encounter with you. Let us be filled with joy unspeakable that comes from your throne.

35. Give Us your Authority

Lord of heaven, we thank you for the grace of life, and the opportunity to come to your presence today. We come together in unity of faith and we agree, let everything be bind be bound in heaven and let everything we loose, be loosed in heaven. Together, we come against every evil gathering concerning this service, they shall be confounded and destroyed. They shall plan but it shall come to nought. Let us go home with spiritual and physical blessings, and let everyone glorify your name in our lives in Jesus name.

Written By Samuel Olubisose.



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