Prayer Points For Church Workers Meeting



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Prayer Points For Church Workers Meeting

Powerful Prayer Points For Church Workers Meeting

Service Report

Speaker: Pst. Amos Fenwa

Scripture: Romans 12:1

– Everything that thrives in this life does so on some principles of life
– God wants to bless everybody but will only do so to those who obey the rules & laws He has put in place
Marks of approval of the calling of a man of God:
1. There will be some supernatural evidences
– Ministry is not by eloquence but by divine backing
2. There will be people willing to support the work with their substances
As a worker, you must understand that:
– You have been saved to serve
– Your service is not to please anybody
– Your service is for you & God
– God is a rewarder of men
– You are an extension of the pastor
– Your dressing speaks volume
– You need oil on your head
* Oil comes on your head: by your good heart to God and by your prayer life
– Never you be cajoled to do God’s work

Your reasonable service must be done:
1. With understanding that you are doing it for God
2. Without grudging & eye service
3. In holiness & in the standard of God
4. With skills and in your best ability

– Many people will remain in church not because of the pastor but because of their relationship with members of the workforce
– No matter who you are, never think that nothing can happen without you
While discharging your duty as a worker:
– People/situations will discourage you but you must refuse to be discouraged
– The devil will attack you but you must develop your spiritual immunity

1. Holyghost! move my life forward & raise me up
2. Any power from my father’s & mother’s side attacking my life, by this anointing I overcome you
3. Every forces of delay to my glory, my making money, my rising in life, break in Jesus name
4. For the reamining half of this year, O Lord, do something that will make me to testify to your goodnes
5. Holyghost! touch my life in the remaining half of this year
6. Anybody appointed to die in my family & around me, I stop it. I shall not weep before the end of this year

Source: HCC Solution House


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