Prayer Points For Group Meeting



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Prayer Points For Group Meeting

Powerful Prayer Points For Group Meeting

Whatever group you are a part of — whether you are meeting together to grow in your faith or to actively make a difference in the world— making prayer a part of what you do is essential.

Prayer quiets our hearts and reminds us that we are not in control — that apart from God we can do nothing. It’s an active way to say as individuals or a group, “I trust You, Lord, and need You to move.”

“Unless the LORD builds a house,
the work of the builders is wasted.
Unless the LORD protects a city,
guarding it with sentries will do no good.”

Psalm 127:1, New Living Translation
Choose one or more of the following elements for your prayer meeting.

Be creative! You can switch the elements around, eliminate some of them or do something completely different.

Don’t make prayer boring or monotonous. A time of prayer is an inspirational and enjoyable time. People can leave feeling refreshed and renewed.

Let the Group Members Share Prayer Requests
One way you can start your meeting is to go around the group allowing each member to share his or her personal prayer requests.

Make sure to set a specific length of time for this so that your whole meeting isn’t just sharing requests without time to pray together.

You can pray for each request as soon it’s shared, or you can have someone record the requests on a sheet of paper or in a group text message or email. That way people can refer to it as you pray and throughout the week.

Conversational Prayer
During conversational prayer, group members can talk to God as they would talk to a friend. Encourage the group (especially a group unfamiliar with group prayer) to feel free to pray short sentence prayers.

Everyone is free to pray or not to pray as they feel led. Don’t worry about silence. Allow people to take time in silence to pray and listen.

Introduce a Prayer Topic or Request
Introduce prayer topics or requests one at a time and allow the group a few minutes to pray.

When finished, introduce another topic or request.

Designate a specific person to close at the end of each time. This helps ensure that the prayer time will not fizzle out once everyone has had the opportunity to pray.

Below are some examples of topics:

Thank God for His love, forgiveness, the beautiful day, the ways He is working in people’s lives and so on.

Thank God for something that has happened in your life in the past 24 hours.

Ask for God’s help with specific requests.

Thank God for how He will answer your requests.




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