Prayer Points For Souls To Be Saved


Prayer Points For Souls To Be Saved


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Let’s Pray

Father Lord, I thank you for your mercy, I know I am saved by your mercy and by my work.  May your name be exalted forever in Jesus’s name.

I thank you for the Holy Spirit.  Father, let thy spirit touch the earth of those in the den of the devil right now and convert them Oh Lord.

According to the book of Acts 26:18, Oh Lord, open their eyes so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to you. So that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are sanctified by faith in you.

Father, unblock and remove stone their heart, give them a new heart, and a new spirit Oh Lord.

Oh Lord, cast out every bad spirit leading them to sin, and break the yolk of sin in every lost soul lives in Jesus’s name.

Father, cast out every spirit of addiction in them, give them a clean heart to serve you.

Father, cast out every evil spirit struggling with the lives of the unbelievers now.

Oh lord, break every covenant that is holding them holding them back from serving by the blood of Jesus.

Lord destroy every evil alter claiming their souls by your fire and the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Father, we pray for every lost soul in the world that your light will shine on them. They will start experiencing your mighty power in all areas of their lives.

My Father, my God, cancel every plan of the devil on lost souls and save them from the destruction of the evil one

Lord touch the heart of the believers around every lost soul around the world to win their heart for you. 

Oh lord destroy every stronghold of the enemies against these souls, release them from every bondage tying them down.

Remove every veil covering the eyes of every unbeliever in the world, let them know right from wrong.

Arise in your mighty power and destroy every spirit of discouragement speaking to the lost souls.

Destroy every covenant tying them to the devil and silent every strange voice speaking against them.

Father, clear all the past that is speaking against them with the blood of Jesus Christ.  Shine your light on them.

Oh lord wash away every satanic mark that might put them into condemnation with the blood of Jesus Christ.

Father meet them at the point of their needs, perform miracles beyond human imagination to let them know you are real.

The bible says for the grace we have been saved through faith, Father, release your grace and faith on them.

Help them Oh Lord to turn from their wicked ways so that you can help their land. Let there be genuine repentance that will lead to salvation.

Destroy every family altar and shrine claiming their destiny. Separate them from the darkness.

Heavenly Father, we cast out every satanic spirit hunting for their souls. Your word says, whatsoever the son of man set free, is free indeed John 8:36.

Arise for the sake of your son on behalf and save them from the shackles of the devil.  Let them have conviction in their heart over sin.

Don’t let the death of Jesus be in vain Oh Lord. Let  Holy Spirit intercedes on their behalf and set them free. 

In Jesus’ Name. Amen!.


Do you know that saying a prayer for lost souls can redeem them today? First of all, who is a lost soul?  If you are not born again, you might not understand the phrase lost soul. Basically, a lost soul is someone without direction. Biblically, a lost soul is someone that is not saved and Jesus refers to those who did not believe in him and receive the message of salvation as lost souls.


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