Prayer Points For Supernatural Empowerment



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Prayer Points For Supernatural Empowerment

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Reference: “Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power, in the beauties of your holiness from the womb of the morning—Thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek.” Psalm 110: 3-4.
CHURCH HYMNAL 203 “Now abideth faith, hope Charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity”. 1 Cor. 13: 13.
1. O Holy Spirit, whom our Master sent,
Rich with all treasures from the throne above
We pray thee, for thy gift most excellent,
Thy greatest, Thine unfailing gift of love.
2. Tis not for us with one commanding word
To heal the sick, or chase the hosts of hell
In tongues unknown to make thy mysteries heard,
Or things of God with lips inspired to tell.
3. Those signs are past: the written word is ours;
And Satan trembles at the might of prayer
The shield of faith can quell the evil powers,
And hope’s bright helmet saves us from despair.
4. These yet abide; but we would covet still
One gift, exalted faith and hope above;
Grant us the new commandment to fulfil,
And e’en as Jesus loved us, so to Love.
5. Grant us to follow His long suffering path,
Joying in truth, yet helping them that fall,
To think no evil, give no place to wrath,
But bear, believe, endure, and hope for all.
6. So when at length we know as we are known
And all the shadows are for ever past,
He, who is Love, may see in us His own,
And all in Him be perfect love at last. Amen.
Rev. J.ELLERTON, 1890
1. Bible Passage: Psalm 110: 1-7.
Prayer Point: Claim the strength and beauty of God’s Holiness by the Holy Spirit anointing of your early life[—the womb of the morning, thou hast the dew of thy youth— –the Lord hath sworn and will not repent (it shall be permanent) thou art a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek] to assume uplift unto priesthood, victory over enemies and all adversaries.
Prayer: With the words of truth and the prayer points, pray according to your spiritual needs and situation, to claim wonderful grace of God and make exploit in fulfilment of divine purposes of your life in Christ Jesus name’s sake. Amen.
2. Bible Passage: Psalm 115: 1-18.
Prayer Point/Prayer: Prayer of Holy Communion with God for sanctification of the family and entire household. Commit everyone both great and small into the hands of God for Him to be your helper/shield and to increase you and your children more, and more. Pray for long-life, good health and prosperity. May you bless and praise the Lord God from this time forth and forever more, through Christ Jesus. Amen.
3. Bible Passage: Psalm 119: 1-8.
Prayer Point: Prayer to claim grace and sanctification of Holy Spirit for the love and power to seek God with your whole heart, keep His testimonies and remain blessed in His holy hands.
Prayer: Almighty Lord God, glory unto your Holy name. Please release on me the sanctification of the Holy Spirit: the love and power to seek you with my whole heart; keep your commandments diligently; abstain from iniquities; walk in your ways according to your will and purposes for my life; keep your testimonies and remain blessed in your holy hands. May my righteous work with praises and thanksgiving be acceptable to You Lord God, through Christ Jesus I pray. Amen.
4. Bible Passage: Psalm 119: 33-40.
Prayer point: Pray for strong establishment of God’s word in your heart and whole life powered by the Holy Spirit and also to teach others.
Prayer: O Lord God, heavenly Father, thank you for the glory of your words and obedience to your commandments. Grant me the power of the Holy Spirit for the teaching of your words with increased divine wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. May it cleanse me of the spirit of covetousness that beholds vanity and all forms of reproaches. May it also establish your words of truth divinely for holiness of my heart and delight in your testimonies, judgements, commandments and righteousness through Christ Jesus I pray, Amen.
5. Bible Passage: Psalm 119: 73-80.
Prayer Point/Prayer: Glorify God for being your creator and giver of wisdom, knowledge and understanding by the Holy Spirit who sustains His laws through meditation in our sound mind and heart so that we shall never be ashamed. Pray for the empowerment of gladness, hope, faithfulness, long-life, mercy, kindness, comfort, righteousness and victory over the evil schemes of the proud. May this wonderful prayer be answered in Christ Jesus name. Amen.
6. Bible Passage: Psalm 119: 113-120.
Prayer Point: Pray for the enablement of God to depart from evil and evil doers to depart from you, so as to claim the power in the word of God and His hiding place as shield of miraculous happenings in your life.
Prayer: My Lord God, I love thy testimonies and I hope in your word, please be my hiding place and my shield for ever. Grant to me, my family, my home, working place and community your divine enablement of the Holy Spirit to depart from evil and evil doers to depart from us, so as to claim the power in your words of truth and your hiding place as shield of miraculous happenings for our life: Clean away vain thoughts, words and deeds; sustain us in obedience to the word of God; grant to us long life, good health, peace, joy and prosperity; gifts of divine wisdom, knowledge and understanding to break forth according to the manifestation of the hope in your will and purposes for our life. Let me not be ashamed for I know I am safe in your holy hands. [Claim more miraculous happenings.] Thank you, my heavenly Father, for all these miraculous happenings through the grace in Christ Jesus name. Amen.
7. Bible Passage: Psalm 119: 121-128.
Prayer Point/Prayer: Pray for the empowerment of the Holy Spirit for salvation of your spirit, soul and body to be in dwelling in the word of God and for the word of God to be dwelling in you; Victory for living a life of righteousness and mercy of God to quench sin, travails and trials; Learn at the feet of Christ Jesus to claim His testimonies, justice and deliverance from proud oppressors; Esteem everything concerning God and hate every false way, so that the grace in the love of God and obedience in His commandments shall work for you more than gold, yes above fine gold in Christ Jesus name. Amen.
8. Bible Passage: Psalm 120: 1-7.
Prayer Point/Prayer: Pray for the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, the wonderful and miraculous helper: source of power; it’s presence; knowledge; love; peace; protection; deliverance; guidance; blessings and many more. Without the grace and protection of the Holy Spirit, deceitful principalities and dangerous satanic spiritual entities that wage war against children of God may continuously put life on distressful platform. But enriched enablement in the Holy Spirit guarantees the presence of Omnipresence, Omnipotent and Omniscience TRINITY GOD. Amen.
9. Bible Passage: Psalm 119: 129-136.
Prayer Song: I am here again x2, Jesus I am here again, Holy Ghost come and take control.
Prayer Point/Prayer: Pray for the power of the Holy Spirit that shall cleanse iniquities; release mercy of God; empowers the word of truth to give light unto darkness; order steps unto righteousness; delivers from oppression; teaches the knowledge of God unto obedience so that the face of God shall shine upon you His love/glory/beauty/power and blessings for you to rejoice at His wonderful testimonies by the grace of Christ Jesus. Amen.
10. Bible Passage: Psalm 125: 1-5.
Prayer Point: Pray for empowerment of the Holy Spirit as a solid foundation sign of trust, manifestation of presence of God, mountainous shield of protection and guidance which cannot be removed but abide and abound for ever.
Prayer: Almighty Father, Lord God, the most merciful and faithful God, full of all goodness. Grant to me, my family, friends and community: upright hearts through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit as a foundation sign of trust; manifestation of the presence of God; His divine peace also as a mountainous shield of protection and guidance which cannot be removed but abide and abound with God’s blessings for ever in Christ Jesus name. Amen.