Prayer Points For Supernatural Strength



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Prayer Points For Supernatural Strength

Powerful Prayer Points For Supernatural Strength

Prayer For Strength
Posted by Joseph Iwaye on Wednesday, August 15, 2012 Under: Prayers
Divine strength is the power we need for living. It is the desire of God to strengthen us (Psalm 29:11), but the plan of the devil is to weaken the children of God. When you are weak and weary because of the challenges of life, you need to call on God for divine strength. When God has blessed you so much that you can’t even cope with the workload required of you, you need divine strength as well. When troubles and trials seem to overwhelm you, you need the help of the Most High to strengthen you so that you can carry on.

This prayer for strength will help you regain both physical and divine strength necessary to cope with the challenges of life.

Scripture Reading: Isaiah 40:28-31, 12:2.
Praise, Worship and Thanksgiving
Sing some choruses unto the Lord if you can, if not go ahead and give thanks.
Father Lord I bless your name; Lord Jesus I give you all the glory.
Everlasting Father, I recognised that you are the source of my strength.
Thank you father for being my strength and my God
Thank you father for the strength you have given me all these years.
Thank you Saviour.
Prayers Points
Everlasting father I come before you today because I need strength to cope with the challenges I’m facing, please give strength unto me according to the multitude of your power in the name of Jesus.
Father Lord I commit my life into your hand, please let me not be weary. Let me not be tired in the name of Jesus.
Father Lord my life is in your hand, please renew my strength in the name of Jesus.
Father Lord please let your grace be sufficient for me and let your strength make me perfect in all my weakness in the name of Jesus (2Corinthians 12:9).
Father Lord, please take me by my right hand, lift me up and let my bones receive strength in the name of Jesus (Acts 3:7).
Father Lord, please do not cast me off in the time of old age; forsake me not when my strength fails in the name of Jesus (Psalm 71:9).
Everlasting father, you are mighty in strength and in wisdom please glorify yourself in all my activities in the name of Jesus (Job 36:5).
Whatever it is that is sapping my strength, father Lord uproot them today in the name of Jesus.
Thank you father for answering my prayer.

Thank you Lord for being my strength; thank you for being my God.

Thank you Saviour; thank you Jesus. (Amen)

Thank you for reading through this prayer for strength. Prayers are more effective when combined with fasting. So learn to pray regularly and find some days to wait on God in fasting if He has given you the grace to do so.





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