Prayer Points For Youths And Singles



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prayer points for youths and singles
12 prayer points for Christian singles – Attracting your life partner
Here comes Prayer warrior Elisha Goodman as he shares 12 effective prayer points for Christian singles looking to find their God given spouse.
Before you pray out the points below, please do ensure meditate on the following Bible verses Matthew 6:15, Matthew 7:7, Genesis 2:18.
Prayer points
1. Thank God because He alone is the perfect matchmaker
2. Lord, release the man/woman you have preordained as my spouse in Jesus’ name.
3. Lord, cause it to happen that the divine match will come forth soon in the name of Jesus.
4. Lord, let my spouse be a person who loves You wholeheartedly in the name of Jesus.
5. Lord, establish our home according to the scriptures in Jesus name (read Ephesians 5:20-28).
6. Father, let all satanic barriers keeping us from meeting be dissolved in Jesus’ name.
7. Lord, send forth your warring angels to battle and release my spouse wherever s/he is in the name of Jesus.
8. Lord, I believe You have created me for a special person; bring it to pass in the name of Jesus.
9. I now call him/her out of obscurity into my life in Jesus’ name.
10. I reject the provision of counterfeit spouse by the enemy in the name of Jesus.
11. I cut off the flow of any inherited marital problems into my life in the mighty name of Jesus (pray this one 7 times… aggressively)
12. O Lord, let the spirit of patience reign in my life until the right person comes in the name of Jesus.
Father, in the name of Jesus, just as Abraham sent his servant to find his son Isaac a wife, send the Holy Spirit to bring my future partner to me.
Thank the Lord for the answer.
Article Source: ELISHA GOODMAN