Prayer Points On Key Of David



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Prayer Points On Key Of David

Powerful Prayer Points On Key Of David

Begin to pray, call on the Almighty God to have mercy on you, to save your soul, to forgive all your sins, to give you a brand new beginning. 

Pray as you come; ask God to please be merciful, to forgive your sin, to wash you clean, to save your soul, to give you a brand new beginning. 

Promise Him that from now on you will serve Him.

And please the rest of us lets stretch our hands towards these people and pray for them and intercede for every one of them; that God will save their souls today, that he will have mercy on them, that he will wash them clean in his blood. 

Brethren let’s intercede for them and ask God to be merciful, God will forgive them their sins, give them a brand new beginning, save their souls, let’s pray that they will serve God from now on, they will never go back into the world…. 

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Father Almighty, I want to bless your holy name, I want

to bless you for your word and I want to thank you for these your children that have come forward to surrender their lives to you, please on their behalf please accept their thanks in Jesus name. 

Father you promised, that whoso ever will come unto you; you will in no wise cast out. 

They’ve come to you now Father, please receive them in Jesus name, forgive them in Jesus name, wash them clean with your blood in Jesus name, save their souls, write their name in the book of life and Lord from now on anytime they call on you answer them by fire in Jesus name. 

Don’t let them ever go back into the world in Jesus name and Lord I pray, every miracle that belong to children of God these your children will begin to partake from now on in Jesus name. 

Thank you Father, in Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

Those of you in front let me hear you shout halleluiah! I want to rejoice with you because from now on by the grace of God I will be praying for you, so I am going to need your name, your address and your prayer request.

Very soon you will be receiving miracles you didn’t even ask for and you will know that there must be somebody somewhere praying for you and that person will be me.


Let’s go ahead and begin to thank the Almighty for what he is about to do in our life tonight, he is about to do something very special in our lifes.


Thank God that you belong to him who has the keys of David

2, Father please give me grace to be holy, to obey you completely

3, Father, open the door to my complete wholeness and keep the door permanently open,

4, Father, please open the door to my all round success

and keep the door permanetly open

Father, please open the door to my ultimate breakthrough tonight and keep the door permanently open

6, Father open evevry close womb tonight and make the barren fruitful

7, Father let every fruitless effort cease in my life tonight.

8, private specific request.

In Jesus mighty name we have prayed.

The Almighty God will answer all your prayers, He will give you grace to be holy, he will open the door to your wholeness, after tonight, you won’t know sickness again, He will open the door to your all round success, after tonight you wont know failure again, He will open the door to your breakthrough; your journey to the top will be accelerated.

Every womb that have been close shall be open tonight, all those who have been called barren will be called mother of twins, your joy shall be full, all your request shall be granted, God will answser you by fire, you will have mighty testimonies, so shall it be in Jesus Mighty name we have prayed.

Let somebody shout halleuiah!

Pastor E. A. Adeboye

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