Prayer Points On Launch Into The Deep



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Prayer Points On Launch Into The Deep

Powerful Prayer Points On Launch Into The Deep

⭐It’s a sad thing that the shallow waters of Christianity are largely invaded, leaving the deep waters isolated. Many Christians only want to comprehend what is apparent /obvious. We are too close to the surface, and our main concern is surface attributes only.
⭐In prayer, shallow Christians cannot access the imaginative, creative, understanding and emotional connection to our Creator. The “do it yourself ” or “Go beyond” policy doesn’t apply to them because they are used to obvious statements and practices when it comes to prayer.
The obvious is pray:
? when in trouble,
?when you want something,
?when things aren’t looking good for you.
Self centred prayers. All these are dangerous prayer trends for a Christian.

⭐I encourage you to launch into the deep of prayer. Why? Let’s look at a few points:
✨God is heard in deep and sincere prayer. Depth in prayer is a measure of intimacy with God. In deep prayer, pour out your heart and soul to God, as the Holy Spirit leads. (Hosea 7:14)
Avoid lip service. The focus in deep prayer is God, and through Christ Jesus we come into the presence of the Father.
✨In deep prayer we hear God’s voice. God’s voice comes to those who are expecting and ready to hear from Him. There are people who pray and are not ready to hear from God, because they have set themselves as authorities in certain fields. Launching into the deep involves counting all as loss, and giving in to what God has to say / reveal to you. This is the act of complete surrender.
✨God speaks in accordance to His word. He exalts His word higher than Himself. Revelation in prayer is all related to what the Lord has said. To gain depth in prayer, it involves reading the Word of God. Powerful Prayer is birthed from reading the Word of God. God’s word constantly renews our mind as we read it. When we read the Word we come to learn that the Holy Spirit prays for us and also teaches , and reveals to us the Mind of God ,and what His will is in our lives. Launching into the deep in prayer involves using God’s word in prayer.

✨In conclusion
Go deeper in prayer and make an awesome connection with God. He is always present and ready to listen. God bless you. ??

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