Prayers Against Evil Pronouncement


Prayers Against Evil Pronouncement

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Prayers against evil pronouncement


Powerful Prayers Against Evil Pronouncement


1. Every power assigned to terminate my life suddenly, be arrested in Jesus name.
2. I destroy every negative prophetic utterance against my life in Jesus name.
3. I paralyze every operation of the devil in my life today in Jesus name.
4. I revoke every negative pronouncement release against my life in Jesus name
5. I shall not,but live to declare the Glory of God in Jesus name.
6. I am covered by the covenant of the blood of Jesus, every thing contrary to
the content of this convenant raised up against my life from any source, be
terminated in Jesus name.
7. Every spirit of death and grave , loose your hold of my life in Jesus name.
8. I bear upon me the marks of Christ, let no man trouble me in Jesus name.
9. Father convert every evil arranged for my life to goodness in Jesus name.

I destroy all powers that expand problems, and pray they shall be paralyzed in the name of Jesus.

I destroy, every power of demonic spell issued against my life, they shall be broken in the name of Jesus.

I destroy every yoke of Satan coming on my way in this year in Jesus name.

I destroy every evil pronouncement of the wicked people around me in the name of Jesus.

I destroy every ungodly covenant I might have been enticed to make in the name the Lord Jesus.

I destroy all the negative reports of Doegs around me in Jesus name.

I destroy all the powers of inmate spirits on my way in the name of Jesus.

I destroy the curses of Baalams around me in the name of Jesus Christ.

I destroy the power of agent of debt in my life in the name of Jesus.

I destroy the power of agent of spiritual rags in my life in the name of Jesus.

I destroy all the lies of the enemy that say I cannot make it in this year in Jesus name.

I destroy every trait of spiritual backwardness in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ




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