Prayers Against Spirit Of Error



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Prayers Against Spirit Of Error

Powerful Prayers Against Spirit Of Error


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Anchor Scriptures: I Sam. 13:1-14; Lev. 10:1-7; Deut. 1:22-46, Dan. 6:1-4
King Saul was divinely chosen as the first king to rule over the children of Israel. However he made the greatest mistake of his life when he stepped into the office of the priest and offer the sacrifice which Prophet Samuel ought to offer. That day he lost his throne (I Sam. 13:8-14). Error is both of the mind and of the spirit. The spirit of error and mistake leads to erroneous judgment and decision that leads to wrong action which eventually leads to failure in life.
Many have lost their jobs, position and prestige because of actions they mistakenly took. Abraham in error went to Egypt and took Hagar who gave birth to Ishmael, and from him we have Islam and terrorism today. It was a terrible blunder.
Nadab and Abihu did not know that burning a strange fire in the name of doing God’s work will terminate their lives, though they were Aaron’s children. Error and mistakes can lead to destruction, frustration, rejection, accident and calamity. The way a lot of people behave and act clearly shows that they have been particularly programme for mistakes by the enemy. A mistake or blunder by a strategic person can affect, destroy and damn individuals, families, communities and nations. For instance, a blunder by a pilot in the air can lead to terrible loss of lives, while a tactical blunder by an army commander in a war can lead to total defeat of his army. You need to pray violently against this insidious spirit.
1. Father, I thank you for I am wonderfully made to show forth your glory in my life. I repent from any sin and openings that have introduced error into my life and destiny in Jesus name.
2. Today I bind the spirit of error and mistake in Jesus name.
3. I shall not be a victim of the errors of others in Jesus name.
4. I shall also not be a victim of any evil circumstance in Jesus name.
5. Let the power of error and mistake be broken in my life.
6. I receive the spirit of good judgment, accuracy and precision in Jesus name.
7. Let the spirit of wisdom and understanding come upon me for accurate evaluation of things in Jesus name.
8. I bind every instigation of error and mistakes by the spirit of witchcraft in Jesus name.
9. Father make me error proof in Jesus name.
10. I overthrow you spirit of error in my life and family life in Jesus name.
11. King Saul made mistakes that destroyed his throne, and his life, Esau made mistake that took away his fatherly blessings, I shall escape every attack of error and mistake in my life.
12. Let the sufferings that came as a result of past errors be removed from my life and family in Jesus name.
13. I shall not commit blunder again in Jesus name.
14. Let every error of the mind that always results in wrong judgment be wiped out of my life by the blood of Jesus.
15. In all my steps in life, Lord help me to always take the right decisions at the right time in Jesus name.
16. Let every evil programming of mistake and error in my life be destroyed in Jesus name.
17. I bind the spirit of error at the point of successful completion of projects in Jesus name.
18. In my speech and action, I shall be watchful and thereby overcome the plan of the wicked who are looking for my downfall.
19. Whatever error and mistake that have led to the present suffering or problem in my life be wiped out and destroyed in Jesus name.
20. I receive a sound and intelligent mind in Jesus mighty name.
21. No spirit of error and mistake shall have dominion over me again.
22. The spirit of error and mistake shall not be transferred to my children in Jesus name.
23. I commission God’s fire, the word of God and the blood of the lamb to destroy the foundation of error in my life.
24. You foul spirits of error and mistakes, whether acquired, inherited, ancestral, environmental or accidental, be uprooted by fire from my life and destiny right now in Jesus mighty name.
25. Father, give me a heart to be a fast learner in Jesus name.
26. Holy Spirit of God, please help me to learn from my past mistakes in Jesus name.
27. I receive the mind of Christ right now in Jesus name.
28. Now Jesus Christ, please give me a sensitive and teachable heart from today.
29. I receive a permanent deliverance from every mental oppression, confusion and stupidity in Jesus mighty name.
30. I refuse to be a fool and a dullard, abused, rebuked and sanctioned all the time because of unstoppable errors. From now on excellence and perfection are my trademarks.
31. Father, I thank you for you are able to keep me from falling through mistakes and error. Glory be to your name for ever and ever Amen.
 Now pray in tongues for about 15-20 minutes, if you can.
 Praise God for another 10 minutes for answers to prayer.
 Repeat these prayers as often as you can, particularly in the night hours.
 If your situation is very serious, then a 3-day or 7-day fast should accompany your prayers.
 Pray Until Something Happens (P.U.S.H). God is a rewarder of diligence, persistence and tenacity.
 Believe, expect, receive, testify and give God thanks.
Kindly drop your comments below if you found these prayers against spirit of error helpful. Thanks and God bless you.