Special Birthday Prayer For My Husband



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Special Birthday Prayer For My Husband

Powerful Special Birthday Prayer

1. I pray from this moment henceforth that you will find enough power in your heart to love God. I am sure he will give you all the strength you need to love him and this birthday is another opportunity for you to be thankful for his grace over your life and to love him with everything you’ve got. Happy birthday to you my husband, many happy returns.

2. Open your eyes to the truth of the word of God and see what he has in his books for you. He will cover you with his blood and raise you high among your equals. He will support you every day in every way and he will make sure lines fall in beautiful places for you. Rejoice in the lord today because it is the day the lord has made. Happy birthday to you darling husband. Rise and shine.

3. Remember that you owe him all your thanks today, and he is sure to add to your years on earth. Remember that today is just not about dancing, wining and dining, but also to appreciate the goodness of the almighty in all areas of your existence. Happy birthday dear husband. Continue to shine in God, your tomorrow will be better than today, I’m sure.

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Heavenly Father Please Bless My Husband
Dear Lord protect and guide him and his ways always,
father give him a good heart to be kind and good person.
May lines fall in pleasant places for him.
Protect him from every temptation of sins
Lord please keep him away from the illness & sadness.
Allow him to follow your words , our father kindly bless our family life & bless our kids.
In your Name I pray
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