Strong Prayers For Court Cases



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Strong Prayers For Court Cases

Powerful Strong Prayers For Court Cases


Psalm 4:1
O God who declares me innocent, take away my distress! Have mercy on me and hear my prayer. I pray for victory in the courtroom, I pray for a special touch upon my case so that I will not have any issues with the verdict. Settle my legal disputes so that I can be free from the distress that they bring me. Allow the law of the land to work in my favour at this time, Amen.
Psalm 10:17-18
Mighty Warrior, You know the hopes of the helpless. Surely You will listen to my cries and comfort me! I know that You will bring justice to me so that I will no longer be oppressed or terrified. Father, I know that You are with me wherever I go, therefore You are with throughout this court case, You are with me in the courtroom; You are the reason for my court victory, Amen.
Psalm 11:1
Righteous Saviour, I trust in You for my protection. As I battle in court right now, it is not the lawyers that I put my trust in, nor is it the judge, but my trust is in You. My court victory is in Your hands, and I know that I will have the victory because You have never failed me. I pray that You hear my cries, and I thank You in advance for helping me win this battle, Amen.
Psalm 17:1-2
Holy One, hear my plea for justice, listen to my cry for help! I pray that You pay attention to my prayer because it comes from an honest heart. Declare me innocent, for You know those who do right. You see my heart and You know the situation. I pray for victory in court right now, I pray for the scales to weigh in my favour. I pray for a divine touch from You in my court case, Amen.
Psalms 35:23-24
Hallelujah to my Mighty Defender! Take up my case, my and my Lord. Declare me “not guilty”, O Lord my God, for You give justice. I declare justice over my situation, I declare victory in court. I know that You are in control of al upl things, including this case, so I pray that You have Your divine way over the outcome. I pray that You reveal my innocence to the judge, Amen.
Psalm 43:1
God of Power, please take up my cause! Please defend me against these ungodly people who are using the law of the land to bind me and break me. Rescue me from these unjust liars! Rescue me from the verdict that intends to trap me, set me free from these accusations and assumptions. Thank You for being my greatest defence, Amen.
Psalm 71:21
Awesome God, I thank You in advance for my court victory! I praise You because I know that You will restore me to even greater honour and comfort me once again. I pray against anything that is set to ensure that I lose my court case. I proclaim victory in the courtroom, I declare restoration of my reputation and peace in my mind. I will not lose for You are fighting my corner, Amen.

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