Sunday Prayer Points



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Sunday Prayer Points

Powerful Sunday Prayer Points

It’s Sunday! Yay! A day to go visit God in His temple! How exciting! Thing is, God loves us. And He is willing to listen to all of our prayer requests. All of them! Provided that they align with His will. This is why we need to pray. To tender our Sunday prayer points to God. To thank Him for his previous assistance and to ask for more!

Yes, let’s be truthful. A vast percent of our prayers is mainly requests from God. What we want Him to do for us. Lord, help me do this, help me do that. Sometimes, We even totally exclude thanksgiving. But God in His infinite mercies still answers us. He doesn’t even look at our sins. If humans were God, the Earth itself would not exist because we would have wiped out our own species. But God is so merciful. He is so good!

Prayer is a means of communicating with God. It could be a request, intercession or thanksgiving. Asking for forgiveness for ones sins is a request. A request that can only be granted by God. We humans ask too much. We forget to pray for others and even our own family! And it is very tragic because it shows how self centered we are. It takes a lot of self discipline for a human to do the right things. And the right thing is what God wants. It’s our pass to answered prayers. If you want your prayers that you will be rendering this Sunday to be answered fast, you might want to change your ways. God wants us to change our bad attitudes. Even though He still answers our prayers, sinful or not. He is that merciful.

So, it’s Sunday today. And you are looking for Sunday prayer points that you could use to pray in church today. But you are short on ideas for the prayer points. What prayers could you tender? Well, here we are to the rescue! We compiled a really rich list of Sunday prayer points to use to pray. Prayers covering various aspects like favour, mercy, prosperity, blessings, divine intervention and what you can think of.

All you need to do is just pick your favorites and start praying. God really does listen to us. That us, when our prayer requests align with His will. So, below are the Sunday prayer points you asked for!


1 Sunday Prayer points for blessings
2 Sunday Prayer Points of favour
3 Sunday Prayer Points of progress in all spheres

Sunday Prayer points for blessings
1. Lord, it’s Sabbath day today. I pray that you bless me with the blessings of Sabbath today. Give me grace to always put you top on my mind. Help me to know you Lord.

2. Lord God, I ask that you bless me exceedingly even beyond my own comprehension. It’s sabbath day today, I ask that you answer all of the prayers I will be rendering to you today. Amen.

3. Dear God, I thank you for giving me the grace to witness this day. I thank you for giving me the peace of mind I have right now. I thank you for your love that you constantly show me and all of my loved ones.

4. I ask Lord, for your protection over me and my family. Amen. I pray that your umbrella of protection never stops covering all of us Amen.

5. Dear Father in heaven, I ask for your guidance in all of my actions in life. Guide me, lead me. Help me not to go astray. Always guide my footsteps Amen.

6. Almighty Father, I bless your name for your infinite mercies. I ask that you empower me with your strength so I can overcome any obstacles that could present themselves in my way throughout my life’s journey. Bless me with your never failing strength O God.

7. Dear God, I ask for unlimited and divine favour from heaven. I ask that I receive favour in the eyes of all men. Wherever I go, favour always follows me. Amen.

8. My father and my God, I pray that you destroy every weapon fashioned against me. May the motives of the wicked ones never come to pass over my life. Amen.

9. Lord, I commit this new week I am entering into your able hands, take control of all of my affairs this new week. Amen.

10. Father, as I go into the new week, may I never go out of your protective and watchful eyes. May this week be a blessed one for me.

11. Dear God, may this new week I am entering into, starting from tomorrow, be a week of happy surprises for me. May my life be full of many happy surprises for me. May my life be full of many happy surprises. Amen.

12. I ask for the power of God in my life to be fruitful and multiply exceedingly. I ask you God for grace to be fruitful in my academics, my career, my marriage, my relationships. Give me such power O God.

13. Dear God, I want to just thank you. To thank you for my fantastic career, my love life, my relationships, my dealings. Thank you for always taking charge in my life. Thank you for giving me the wisdom to handle all of these things effectively.

14. My father in heaven I ask for healing. Divine healing this day. Give me healing. Heal my wounds. My emotional wounds. My mental wounds. My physical wounds. Heal them all.

15. Father I ask for favour for situations to always favour me. Only you can give me such power and favor. So, I look unto you to bless me with unlimited favour. Amen.

16. Dear God, I know you care for me. I ask that you take care of all of my needs according to your wishes in glory. Amen.

17. Lord I ask for financial blessings this day. Bless me financially! More credit alert to my bank account. More money to my wallet! I ask for this Lord. Grant it unto me.

18. I ask you God for your divine visitation in my life. Visit me in every area. In my family, my career, my relationships, in every single aspect of my life. Let me feel the impact of your divine visitation! Amen.

19. As I am being ushered into a new week, let this new week be my week of congratulations. Let people see your glory in my life and consequently greet me congratulations. Let me accomplish feats that will make people marvel and subsequently greet me congratulations. Amen.

20. Dear Father, I ask for angelic intervention in my life today. Send your angels to visit me today. The day you sent the angels to visit Mary, was the day her story changed for the better. Therefore, I ask that you send your angels to visit my life today. Amen.

Sunday Prayer Points of favour
21. Dear God, I ask for strong faith. To stand steadfast in your word. To not derail from you. To not sin. Lord give me faith O God. To believe that you will solve my problems soon.

22. Lord I ask for forgiveness. Forgive me of all of my trespasses. I know I have sinned and come short of your glory. But I apologize Lord for my sins, I have acknowledged them and I ask for grace to go and sin no more.

23. Lord I ask today that you release me and reverse every form of ancestral bondages that I might be battling with. Release me from such bondages and let me blossom into my full self. Amen.

24. Lord, I ask for provision. Provide and cater for my spiritual needs, my emotional needs, my financial needs. In every area of my life that I might be lacking, God provide for me there. Amen.

25. Dear God, I want to be happy. I ask that you help me eliminate anything in my life that could cause me sadness. Or could deprive me of happiness. I want to always know happiness. I want to be happy! Amen.

26. Lord, I pray for my country Nigeria. Bless this country abundantly. Enlarge our coast. Help us out of our recession. Lead us out of political instability into stability. Help this country O God!

27. Lord, I offer a prayer of intercession for my friends. Help all of my friends out of whatever issues they may be passing through right now in their individual lives. Help them to successfully deal with these problems and come out on top. Amen.

28. Dear Father, I ask that you shower me with heavenly gifts. Gifts like ability to heal, and preach. Give me these gifts O God!

29. Dear Lord, I ask that you bless me with long life. Long life is essential to be able to spend quality time with my loved ones. Bless me and my loved ones with long life. Help us to live long in good health. Amen.

30. Dear God, I ask that you send helpers come my way. Helpers that will come into my life and lift me up. Send them to me O God. Divine helper from above. Amen.

Sunday Prayer Points of progress in all spheres
31. Dear Father, as my divine human helper will be believing in me, let me not disappoint them. Help me to impress them. So that my helpers will never turn their backs on me. Send helpers that will walk me through my life journey in every stage. Amen.

32. Dear Father, in my pursuits for financial freedom, help me not to get frustrated along the way. Help me not to give up. Help me to have the perseverance to persist even when I feel like I should give up. Amen.

33. Dear God, help me out of famine like situations in my life. This Sunday, marks the end of famine in my life. I now move and relocate into the zone of abundance and plenty. Amen.

33. Father, you said in your book the Bible that we should seek from you and we will find. I now seek for excellent health. Help me find found health in you. Amen. In any way, my bodily function might not be up to normal working conditions, help me to restore it back to normal. Be my divine doctor.

34. Father Lord, I pray for all the hungry and poor in the world right now. I know heaven is a place of abundance Lord. Help to cater for these poor and hungry according to your riches in glory. Provide for all if the world’s poor so that poverty is eradicated. Amen.

35. Dear Jesus I pray concerning my matrimonial home. Take control. Do not allow the devil to have a hand in our relationship. Protect my marriage from evil and prying eyes. May our love last forever. Amen.

36. Dear Jesus, I pray concerning my kids. Protect them from evil eyes. Guide their footsteps. Give them wisdom and knowledge to excel in their studies. Take care of them and provide for their every need for you are the ultimate provider. Make them good kids with good character.

37. Father, I ask for power to resist any temptation to be lazy or procrastinate. These things prevent person from being the best they could be. So, I pray that you protect me from such temptations. I rebuke such attitudes in my life. Amen.

38. Lord Jesus, let the works of my hands be fruitful. Don’t let ne to any work in vain. Help me to reap maximally from my efforts. Bless me beyond comprehension! Amen.

39. This Sunday morning, I pray Lord that you put in me the spirit of meekness, of too and clean mind and of a gentle character. For only the meek and those who follow the will of God that shall receive good rewards. Help me to obey your commandments without as much as a flinch. Amen!

On a final note, prayer is very essential. You don’t only pray for yourself but you also pray for your loved ones. And the whole of humanity as a whole. The fun part is, God is indeed interested in us. He loves us deadly. All we need to do is ask and it is granted. For even, Matthew 7:7 says, “Ask and it shall be given. Seek and you will find. Knock and the door shall be opened unto you.” Pick any of the above Sunday prayer points and talk to God. He listens.




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