Testimony Prayer Points



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Testimony prayer points

Powerful Testimony Prayer Points


These prayer points are written through the inspiration of the Holy Ghost. 2020 prayer points for testimonies.  These prayer points will transform your life, both physically and spiritually. Your circumstances will change for better. Prayer connect will connect you back into the will and purpose of God Almighty for your destiny. You may have big problems, but we serve a big God. Quit worrying. Jesus is saying all is well. Don’t let a temporary period of being uncomfortable keep you from a permanent blessing. Yes, it takes discipline. Yes, it’s uncomfortable. But your destiny is at stake. In addition prayer is your miracle key to unlock all the packages and testimonies from God.
Moreover, God is going to put you at the right place at the right time. He’s going to send divine connections, people that will go out of their way to be good to you. You couldn’t make it happen. It’s the favour of God bringing you into your yes.
All you need is a fervent prayer life that will consequently produce for you a better life.  Besides the time committed to prayer the dividend is everlasting. The Most High God is ruling in your favour. He’s going to rescue you from deep waters; He’s going to deliver you from powerful enemies.
Furthermore there will be a day where God is going to cause you to forget. You’re not going to wake up thinking about who hurt you; you’re going to wake up thinking about how blessed you are. You need prayer to reign in life. You need prayer in order to live a victorious life. Lastly, God knows your value; He sees your potential. You may not understand everything you are going through right now. But hold your head up high, knowing that God is in control and he has a great plan and purpose for your life.
Source: rccgfaithgenerations.org
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