Victory Prayer Points



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Victory Prayer Points

Powerful Victory Prayer Points

Prayer Points For Victory In The Month Of August.
1. Father any power occupying my place of desiny uproot and destroy them by fire. Number 13:28-29
2. Father by Your Mighty Powers subdue all enemies including my flesh as well as poverty, hardship, sickness, loneliness, obstacles, stagnation etc Joshua 14:12
3. Father please go before me and give me victory over all enemies attacking me or my loved ones destroy their chariots and their horses and let them flee like chaff before the wind. Judges 4:14-15.
4. Father all power belongs to you, I receive power to overcome all satanic operation of the enemy against my family. Judges 7:2
5. Father I receive victory over sin. Strengthen me Lord to overcome temptations and all the works of satan. 1 John 3:8-9
6. Father go before me and give victory that will take me to my promised land. Deuteronomy 1:23-24
7. Faher do not allow me to perish, give me victory over every widerness experience. Numbers 21:8-9.
8. Father! You are a Man of War fight for me and give me everlasting victory in Jesus Christ Name, Amen. Judges 15:18
9. Father! Give me victory over all emptiness of worldly pursuits and the desire to follow them 2 Chronicle 25:14.
10. Father! Help me to sustain my victories and remove every power of discouragement 1 Kings 19:4
11. Oh Lord God no matter the multide of rage and war I shall not be afraid for the battle is the LORD’s. 2 Chronicle 20:15.
12. Father give me victory over every reproach of the enemy, in Jesus Christ Name, Amen. Nehemiah 4:4
13. Lord God You do not help by many or by them that have power, from now on on do not allow any man prevail over me or my family in Jesus Christ Name I pray Amen. 2 Chronicle 14:11.
14. Father from heneceforth preserve me and my love ones and let ou victory be permanent in Jesus Chrisst Name! Amen. 1 Chronicle 18:13
15. Father! Order my steps to walk over the solution of problems in Jesus CChrist Name! I pray!! Amen!! 1 Samuel 15:13-14
16. Father! Empower me to be the manifestation of Christ in Flesh! Amen. 1 John 4:2



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