Bloodline Prayer Points



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Bloodline Prayer Points

Powerful Bloodline Prayer Points



If you observe the following in your life even when you are a Christian, know that the devil has a legal basis to afflict you. Find out how to remove those rights and offer God a legal basis to show mercy and bless you.

1. You cannot seem to escape evil and misfortune

Deuteronomy 28:19 (NLT)
19 Wherever you go and whatever you do,
you will be cursed.

You realize that there is an invisible conspiracy to sabotage whatever you try, to do, no matter where you are and whatever effort you put in. When you dissolve the bloodline curse by removing the legal basis that grants the enemy the right to resist you, the same effort you have been employing will attract success in all places, as you go out and as you come in.

2. Prayers not answered

Deuteronomy 28:23 New Living Translation (NLT)
23 The skies above will be as unyielding as bronze, and the earth beneath will be as hard as iron.

This is when no amount of prayer will work to change your situation because the heaven over you is closed.

3. Missing promotions

Deuteronomy 28:43-44 (NLT)
43 “The foreigners living among you will become stronger and stronger, while you become weaker and weaker. 44 They will lend money to you, but you will not lend to them. They will be the head, and you will be the tail!

God wants his people to be promoted. Promotion is part of our blessings. The devil brings legal issues to deny people from rising to places of influence. Every time you are lined up for promotion, the devil presents issues to disqualify you spiritually although you qualify academically, intellectually and exponentially.

4. People always steal from you and cheat you

Deuteronomy 28:31 New Living Translation (NLT)
31 Your ox will be butchered before your eyes, but you will not eat a single bite of the meat. Your donkey will be taken from you, never to be returned. Your sheep and goats will be given to your enemies, and no one will be there to help you.

You are always being cheated and nobody believes you and no one is willing to help.

5. Breakdown of marriages

Deuteronomy 28:30a New Living Translation (NLT)
30 “You will be engaged to a woman, but another man will sleep with her.

Divorce, disappointments, and other failures in marriage including death of partners seem to plague you.

6. Sicknesses that cannot be healed

Deuteronomy 28:27 New Living Translation (NLT)
27 “The Lord will afflict you with the boils of Egypt and with tumors, scurvy, and the itch, from which you cannot be cured.

Deuteronomy 28:35 New Living Translation (NLT)
35 The Lord will cover your knees and legs with incurable boils. In fact, you will be covered from head to foot.

Deuteronomy 28:60-61 New Living Translation (NLT)
60 He will afflict you with all the diseases of Egypt that you feared so much, and you will have no relief. 61 The Lord will afflict you with every sickness and plague there is, even those not mentioned in this Book of Instruction, until you are destroyed.

7. Mental and emotional disorders and illnesses

Deuteronomy 28:28 New Living Translation (NLT)
28 The Lord will strike you with madness, blindness, and panic.

8. Children taken captive

Deuteronomy 28:41 (NLT)
41 You will have sons and daughters, but you will lose them, for they will be led away into captivity.

9. Negative mindset and mentality

Deuteronomy 28:66-67 (NLT)
66 Your life will constantly hang in the balance. You will live night and day in fear, unsure if you will survive. 67 In the morning you will say, ‘If only it were night!’ And in the evening you will say, ‘If only it were morning!’ For you will be terrified by the awful horrors you see around you.

11. No prosperity

Deuteronomy 28:38-39 (NLT)
38 “You will plant much but harvest little, for locusts will eat your crops.39 You will plant vineyards and care for them, but you will not drink the wine or eat the grapes, for worms will destroy the vines.


Liquid fast (no meal just drink water/juices) until 5.00 pm for 2 days.
While fasting during the day, listen to Jesus centered worship song to sanctify and edify your inner man.
Write each prayer in your journal 3 times per day for self or the person you are interceding.
Read the prayer out loud minimum 3 times per day for self or for person you are interceding. You can choose to pray more than 3 times if you feel unstable in your emotions or spiritual realm at anytime of the day.
Replace the ‘I’ with we/she/he or person name and ‘me’ with herself/himself/themselves accordingly.


Dear Father God, I declare and decree the Blood of Jesus purify my inner man, in the Name of Jesus. I break, reject and renounce any evil soul ties I have had with secret societies, in the Name of Jesus. Any man, woman or power, gathering information to cage my mind, release me and die, in the Name of Jesus. Any music of destruction going on in my heart, die now, in the Name of Jesus.

I enthrone Jesus in my heart. Let every evil king against my life fall down and die, in the Name of Jesus. Any evil things programmed into my blood to control my life, come out and die now, in the Name of Jesus. Any satanic chain linking me to any evil relationships, break to pieces, in the Name of Jesus. O Lord, arise and collect my stolen portion from evil friends, in the Name of Jesus.

I refuse to supply information that will cage my soul, in the Name of Jesus. Armies of heaven, release destructive weapons against the weapons of evil friends, in the Name of Jesus. O Lord, anoint me with your fire and let every occult power be release from my mind, in the Name of Jesus. O Lord, empower me to reign with Christ. I refuse defeat in this battle, in the Name of Jesus.

Father God, sanctity myself from every evil pollution, in the Name of Jesus. Arrows of any evil soul ties, break and release me, in the Name of Jesus. You! My life, come back from the evil journey of evil relationships, in the Name of Jesus. Any evil power boasting over my life, be disgraced by fire, in the Name of Jesus. .

I paralyze every weapon of my enemy, in the Name of Jesus. I reject and refuse to collect evil gifts of charm, in the Name of Jesus. Any evil power that has walked into my life, walk out by fire, in the Name of Jesus.Any demon carrying evil reports against my desire, die by fire, in the Name of Jesus. Anything stolen from me by any evil friend, I capture it back by fire, in the Name of Jesus.

I release fire against any kingdom, challenging God in my… (life/ministry/health/relationship/marriage/career/household/etc), in the Name of Jesus. I burn every evil written against my affection, in the Name of Jesus.Fire of deliverance burn in my bones against any evil relationships going on in my life, in the Name of Jesus. Peace of God, suppress every confusion organized in my heart, in the Name of Jesus.

Any evil power taking the upper hand in my desire, die by fire and by force, in the Name of Jesus. I must be delivered whether the enemy likes it or not in the Name of Jesus. Any power that has eaten deep to the damage my life, receive the fire of God mingled with the blood of Jesus, in the Name of Jesus. I cut and destroy any wicked law ruling over my life, in the Name of Jesus.

God arise and contend with every enemy of my spiritual growth, in the Name of Jesus. You! My life, become fire to every unfriendly friend, in the Name of Jesus. Anointing and glory of God come upon my life now, in the Name of Jesus. I break all spiritual bondages and close all spiritual realm that do not belongs to me right now in the Name of Jesus. Whatever belongs to me return to me and whatever belongs to others return to others.

Thank you Jesus for answering this prayers. Amen!

Resources : Power Prayers For Victory by James Kawalya




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