Different Ways God Speaks To Man


Different Ways God Speaks To Man


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Let’s Pray

Hearing and interpreting God’s voice is one skill that is paramount for your success as a believer. Communication is a two way street and very important for any relationship to work. However, many Christians “ask” God, “talk” to God, “pray” to God but still don’t know how to hear from God. Every question has an answer as every prayer has a response but you have to learn how God speaks so that you can successfully receive and reap the benefits of having a relationship with Him.
Here are major ways God speaks:
–God always speaks through Scripture.
God’s word is the number one undiluted way through which God speaks. The Bible says that God has exalted His word above His name (Psalm 138:2). This tells us about God’s integrity; what He says he will do, He will do, so we can always trust that whatever God speaks to us through His word is true. You might stumble on a bible verse, be led to a place in the bible but whatever God’s word says is the truth.
Tip: Read your bible. Eat the word heavy. When you are praying for answers and looking for God to speak to you – read, study, meditate away.
–God can speak through Music
This is one of the most common in my PERSONAL relationship with God. God speaks to me through songs. A random song will drop in my spirit and it’ll be exactly the word I need in that time – a confirmation, warning, a prophecy or just God telling me the state of my spirit. God will do anything to catch your attention so you need to stay alert.
P.S There are ways God will speak to you that are personal to YOUR relationship with him.
Tip: Let your body, soul and spirit be connected to God in every way.
–God speaks through People
God can speak to you through anybody; other believers, your Pastor, even a mad man. Sometimes the answer to your question or prayer is in conversations completely unrelated to what you think you need. God can minster to you through a line or word from other people (even the conversation of a passerby) who unknowingly or knowingly will speak God’s heart to you. The beautiful thing about God is that He owns everyone and everything, is in absolute control and will speak to you even in the simplest of details.
Tip: Don’t underestimate or look down on anyone. They might just be on assignment to deliver the word that you need.
–God can speak through repeated instances.
When similar things re-occur over a space of time, it might just be God calling your attention to something. An example can be as simple as your eye twitching anytime you are about to get angry. It might just be God saying “it’s not worth it.” I want you to understand that when you have a close knit relationship with God, he talks to you every time and very easily. He is not shy around you and He doesn’t keep mute because you are his homie, you are His friend. He’ll talk, he’ll warn you, he’ll correct you, he’ll make you laugh.
Tip: There are no coincidences. Pay attention and try to hear what God is saying to you always.
–God speaks through Circumstances
God speaks through circumstances. He can use either yours or another person’s circumstance to minister a word of warning, encouragement, correction, love and promise to you. There is always a deeper purpose when you find yourself in trials especially and in my experience, your trial is almost the direct opposite to what you are birthing in the spiritual. e.g You might be broke now because God wants to teach you something through this pressure that’ll push you into wealth.
Tip: Be watchful and vigilant. Rest in God. Things are not always surface level which is why the bible reminds us to walk by faith and not by sight.
–God speaks through Dreams
This is another big one for me. I am a dreamer and although some people are specially gifted in dreams, I 101% believe that as your relationship with God gets stronger, God will speak to you through dreams once in a while. Dreams can be iffy because the devil and your flesh can also manipulate this channel. There are also different dreams and dreamers so it’s important to understand how God speaks to you in this area. In the bible God spoke to Joseph, Solomon, Jacob, Peter, John and Paul and He is still very much speaking to us now through dreams.
Tip: Pray before you sleep. Ask God to speak to you. Watch your dream pattern – Do your dreams come true or are they direct opposite? Pay attention so you can know and decipher God’s voice clearer. Pray over every dream – cancel what you don’t like / want to manifest. Permit, receive and thank God for the dreams you want to see manifest.
–God speaks through Visions
God speaks through visions. This is a visual like a dream but without being asleep. It can be a quick flash, or a whole scene, just an image or an inscription. God can be showing you the future, the present or the past. It can be for purposes of protection, intercession, warnings and promises.
Tip: Build a stronger relationship with God especially through prayer and fasting and more of your spiritual senses will be open to hear God.
–God speaks through The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit should be the central and main foundation every time God speaks, be it when we are reading the word, or through a person or a circumstance. He acts as our inner witness to reveal and confirm deep things to us. Through discernment (a solid knowing, sensing or conviction), a tug in your heart or a gut feeling, we would recognize the Holy Spirit.
Tip: Become buddies with the Holy Spirit, and hearing from God will literarily be as simple as ABC…
–God speaks to through prayer
Prayer is a pathway into the supernatural and spiritual realm. Once you start to pray and focus on God to lead you, He starts to give you what to actually pray about – be it in your understanding or in the Spirit. E.g You might go into prayer for your family and you suddenly don’t know why you are praying about your job and specifically not to be fired. In a case like this, it may not make sense to you but Holy Spirit guides us in the best way to pray and what to pray about. This could translate to ‘be careful at your job”, “to take your job more seriously” or “to beware of any surprises that may come from work.”
Tip: Develop a solid prayer life.
–God speaks through an audible voice
In the bible, God spoke to Samuel in an audible voice and although in these days it might seem absurd, God is still very much the same yesterday, today and forever. God still speaks in an audible voice.
–God speaks through peace
An unworried heart and spirit can also be God speaking to us. If you can quiet your spirit and be really true to self, you can tell what God is saying and if you truly have peace about a decision or situation. E.g in a really tough situation, it is possible to be calm because you have the peace of God that surpasses all understanding and it stands as a signal that all will be well.
–God speaks through supernatural manifestations
God speaks through miracles, signs and wonders mainly to increase our faith and ignite our hunger and thirst for Him.
How To Hear God’s Voice Clearly
God is always speaking but the problem is that we are not always listening. I am well convinced that every believer should have at minimum 5 ways that God personally speaks to them. It is only the voice of a stranger you do not recognize but the more familiar you are with a person, the more you can hear their voice even from a distance, even at a whisper, even the unspoken words because you have spent enough time with them.
God is constantly directing us, leading us, warning us, encouraging us, promising us, comforting us and we need to be aware of His voice so that we are not spiritually deaf. Our lives will take such an amazing turn if only we can strengthen our ear muscles and detect God’s voice easily even in a world full of opinions. How ahead can we get with the direct telephone line of the president of the universe?
To hear God’s voice clearly, there are a few things we have to do;
–Quiet your mind
–Place God as your number one counsel
–Pay attention
–Strengthen your relationship with God
–Read your bible
–Always pause and listen
God is a creative God. We are all unique and God will speak to us in different ways. These are just a few common examples of ways that God speaks. With God you have to realize that everything is intentional. God is not wasteful. He doesn’t waste resources, experiences, let alone His voice so open your spirit to hear what God is saying in every single occurence, time and place.


In Jesus Name Amen!!! 

What other ways does God speak to you? Let us know in the comments. Grace & Peace!


Original Prayer By “Anina King”


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