How To Attract Miracles From God


How To Attract Miracles From God


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Let’s Pray

Let’s now dig in and discover how you pray for a miracle. I mentioned earlier you pray for a miracle the same way you pray for everything else. Let me be clear – there is no formula or magic words you can say to make the miraculous happen. However, if you want some guidelines for praying, one thing you can do is follow what Paul laid out in 
Philippians 4:6-7.
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”
Here are four things to do when you pray for a miracle:
Don’t worry, ask
All answers to prayer begin with prayer. To pray is to petition or to ask God for what you need. Asking tells God you are looking to him and requesting him to intervene in your situation. This is how you pray for a miracle, and this is how you pray for everything. You begin with asking.
After you ask you must believe. While it doesn’t take great faith as we mentioned earlier, it does take some faith because God does not respond to no faith. In other words, if you ask but don’t expect God to move then you won’t see God move. Sometimes your faith will require actions that demonstrate you believe. The Bible is full of stories of people praying for miracles and God asking them to do something to demonstrate their faith. Don’t be surprised if God asks you to do the same thing.
Give Thanks
After you have asked and as you are believing, you must make thanksgiving a part of your prayer. Thanksgiving comes when you put your situation in his hands, and you leave the outcome to him. The reason you can give thanks is because you know he has heard your prayer and you trust he will do what is best for you in that situation. For this you can give thanks.
After you have asked, believed, and given thanks, all you can do is wait. Waiting is not a passive activity; waiting is an action word. This does not mean you don’t do anything, but it means you are anticipating and looking for what God will do in this situation. The reason you can wait is because God will give you peace in the presence of your need for a miracle. The peace of God will protect your heart and mind and allow you to wait for God to move.
What Should I Do if God Does Not Answer My Prayer?
What do you do if you have prayed for a miracle and God does not answer your prayer the way you want him to? This is where trust comes into play. You must know, believe, and trust God has your best interest at heart all the time. You must also believe that God is a good God, all the time. God’s goodness is not established, nor does it change, based on how God chooses to answer your prayer for a miracle. God’s goodness is forever sealed by the work Jesus did on the cross.
That is the place you can always go back to when you question God’s goodness in your life. When it comes to miracles and answers to prayer after that, as I mentioned earlier, there is always a reason God chooses to answer or not answer your prayer. Whether he does the miracle or not, know that he loves you, he cares about your situation, and he is working even though you may not understand how.
Don’t Stop
I want you to remember one thing as you pray for your miracle. Don’t stop praying. God wants you to pray, believe, and trust him for every situation in your life. Praying does not always guarantee you will get the result you want; however consistent prayer should align your heart and will with what God wants. Ultimately prayer is not about what you want anyway. Prayer is about what God wants, trusting he will always do what is best for you. The challenge is our definition of what’s best and his definition are not always in alignment, and that is why you must pray.
You can be certain when you pray that God is looking out for your best interest, regardless of how the situation feels. This does not mean you will know what that best interest is, but it does mean you can be confident in the one who will never leave you or forsake you. He has promised to be with you through every challenge that comes in life, and that will never change. So keep praying for miracles, keep believing for them, and keep giving thanks. Once you have done what God has asked, then all you can do is stand back and see what God will do, knowing that his decision is best. This is how you pray for miracles in your life.


In Jesus Name Amen!!! 

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