Prayer Points Against Limitations



Anchor Scriptures: Mark 11:1-10; Matthew 15:13; Genesis 26:1-14; Acts 28:30-31; Genesis 18:13-14; Isaiah 43:18-19; Jeremiah. 32:17-19; Luke 1:37


A limited man is a restricted man who suffers in the midst of plenty. He cannot go beyond the limit the enemies have set for him. Though he may see or know where he belongs or what he should attain but find it difficult to get there. Limitation makes a man to suffer in the midst of opportunities and possibilities.

One of the indications of a destiny that is tampered with is that the owner of such destiny suffers limitation in life. There is a spirit called the spirit of limitation and until this spirit is dealt with and conquered, the victim remains limited in every sphere of life – academically, maritally, socially, politically, spiritually, financially and even in business. To suffer limitation in life is to have one’s level of joy, success and achievement determined by other people, especially one’s enemies. A barrier is placed in such people’s way to greatness. They may have the potentials for greatness, excellence, and prosperity, but there is an extent to which they are allowed to go in life. Such people have spiritual ropes on their necks that limit them. Every one who wants to enter his destiny must be free from this spirit.


1. Father I thank you because the spirit of limitation is not my lord; I therefore refuse to be subject to him in Jesus name.

2. Today, I declare my total freedom from the spirit of limitation and unwanted detention in Jesus mighty name.

3. You strange forces holding me down, I command you to release me now for me to enter my destiny in Jesus name.

4. I break off my neck from every invisible rope, which Satan used to tie me to the same spot in Jesus name.

5. Let every curse and barrier of limitation be removed as I move forward this year in the name of Jesus. I violently overthrow you, you spirit of limitation; get out of my life right now.

6. I speak to the root and foundation of limitation in my life, be dissolved by the blood of Jesus right now.

7. I command every stronghold working against my advancement and progress to be pulled down and destroyed in Jesus name.

8. Lift up your heads, O you ancient gates and everlasting doors that are shut against my life and progress in the name of Jesus.

9. I command every spiritual barrier and limitation to my success in life to break into pieces now in the name of Jesus.

10. I nullify and destroy everything done against me at any satanic altar that is bringing limitations to my life in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

11. In the mighty name of Jesus, I revoke and turn into blessings every curse issued against my life. From now, I will begin to move forward in Jesus name.

12. I demolish every wall of Jericho preventing me from possessing my possession. I command you to collapse right now in Jesus name.

13. I forcefully advance and break loose into my inheritance in Jesus name.

14. As no one was able to stop Paul in his evangelistic mission in Rome, so shall no man, no force and no spirit be able to stop me from attaining my life’s goals in Jesus name.

15. Despite all odds, Isaac waxed great, and moved forward, and grew until he became very great in Gerar. I shall also advance into my greatness and move forward beyond my present boundaries until I become very great in Jesus name. Amen.

16. From today, I become as unlimited as the wind and as unstoppable as a mighty flood water, in Jesus name.

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