Prayer Points On Grace



Bible Reading: Gen 6:8, Ex 33:12, Act 4:33

Pray each prayer point for at least 10minutes.

1.  Oh God of sufficient grace, thank you for Your divine grace upon my life in Jesus name.

2.    Father let Your hand of grace continuously rest upon my life in Jesus name.

3.    Wherever I go in life, Lord let Your grace locate me in Jesus name.

4.    In the midst of those better than me, let Your grace help me to stand out in Jesus name.

5.    Whatever I cannot achieve in life by the power of Your grace, cause me to achieve them in Jesus name.

6.    Where men thought I will never reach in life, may Your grace take me there with ease in Jesus name.

7.    Where others have been rejected and disappointed in life, when I appear by the power of Your grace let me be accepted beyond my understanding in Jesus name.

8.    Whatever I am now is not by my power or credentials but by the power of Your grace I am what I am in Jesus name.

9.    That grace that cause one to be loved above others, father release that rain of grace upon my entire life in Jesus name.

10.    Father, help me not to abuse Your grace by dwelling in sin in Jesus name.

11.    Lord, do not take Your garment of grace upon my life for I will be nobody in Jesus name.

12.    By the power of Your grace Lord, connect me to those that will add value to my life in Jesus name.

13.    Lord, wherever I go wrong or disobey you, do not remove Your garment of grace from my life in Jesus name.

14.    Let Your grace speak for my calling, business, career, ministry etc in Jesus name.

15.    Let Your grace increase mightily upon Your church in Jesus name.

16.    Thank God for answered prayers.

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