MFM Prayers Against Insanity



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MFM Prayers Against Insanity


Powerful MFM prayers against insanity

When you feel like you are going insane.

Many people have felt that they were going insane. Many powerful, spirit-filled Christians have been tormented with feelings of insanity. Where does this come from? Is it all demonic? Am I truly losing my mind?

In this teaching I am only going to address the spiritual aspects of insanity. If you have suffered an extremely stressful situation, have had severe health issues or are addicted to any type of drug then you may have thoughts of insanity due to the duress that your body and mind have been through. We want to look at the scenario when a perfectly healthy person, particularly a Believer feels that they are going insane.

Demons will attack a person’s mind so much that they will leave the person in torment. The “Demon of Insanity” will cause the person to experience physical and psychological feelings that tell the person they must be losing their mind. Some of the feelings are: extreme dizziness, extreme fear, overwhelming feelings of detachment, horrific sense of confusion, bizarre thoughts going through the person’s mind, strange voices in the person’s head, overwhelming dark feelings washing over the person. There certainly are countless other experiences that occur and the list is limitless. The main thing here is that the feelings are relentless and exhausting. Finally the person tires of fighting and says “I must be going insane.” Many are driven to suicide.

What is happening is that a “Demon of Insanity” has been sent out against this person to drive this person to the brink of madness or suicide. This demon is powerful. It has been successful and knows how to torment its victim. How do you fight such a strong demon?

1) Out loud you will say “I cover my mind, thoughts and body under the powerful blood of Jesus.”

2) Call as many Christians that you know to begin to warfare with you. You cannot fight this demon alone.

3) Begin speaking Psalm 91 out loud with a loud firm voice. Memorize the entire verse. Have it posted where you can recite it out loud.

4) Take ownership of your mind. Say out loud, firmly “I now take ownership of my mind. This mind belongs to Christ. I am not insane. I have a sound mind. I now command all evil and tormenting demons to leave my mind now in Jesus name. I now choose to submit my mind to Christ and to none other.”

5) Once you have warfared for about 30 -45 minutes and begin to feel a breakthrough begin to praise God out loud for about an hour. Put on powerful praise music.

6) Continually guard your mind against ANY movies, TV shows or books that are involved with VIOLENCE, PORN, OCCULT or anything else that is even questionable. Satan and his demons have a legal right to torment anyone who has opened up their minds to ANYTHING THAT IS NOT PURE.

7) Put on the Armor of God daily.

8) NEVER speak anything negative, hurtful or demeaning about yourself – if you do Satan uses this as bait to attract demons.

9) NEVER judge anyone. This give Satan a legal right to torment you.

10) Be quick to repent when you have sinned.

Let’s pray out loud. “Dear Lord Jesus I now recognize that these tormenting thoughts of insanity are not of you. I command that they leave me now in Jesus name. I claim that I have a sound mind, the mind of God. I now speak peace over my mind, body and emotions. I command my emotions to line up with the Word of God. Satan, every plan that you have set out against me was broken at the cross 2000 years ago. God took away your power and weapons when Jesus went to the cross. Therefore this demon of insanity has no power over me. Lord, I now thank you for restoring peace to my mind. I now rest in your protection, your peace and your power. In Jesus name we pray. amen


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