Not My Head Not My Blood Prayer Points



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Not My Head Not My Blood Prayer Points


Powerful not my head not my blood prayer points

You will be the one to stand for your children.The mistakes your parents made you wont make them,the enemy doesn’t take your money or prosperity but take your years.
Years means what you are meant to get 15 years ago, if you are getting it now; it’s not early.
* Ezekiel 18-The curses shall be converted into blessings.
* Leviticus- When the thief is caught, he will pay 50 folds.
* Whatever that is due to you that you suppose to get that is delayed. By the power of God, we convert curse to blessing, we convert sickness to healing!
* Whatever the grave has swallowed; I command it to vomit it now. If there are generational curses, there are generational blessings. God is giving you solutions and giving your enemies problems only you can solve. Enemies that have written you off, they might bury you but God has not buried you.God will bring your family to limelight where your enemies will look for you. When God answers your prayers he doesn’t come down he sends a man. That is why I have the mandate as your prophet to convert curses to blessings.
•It doesn’t matter the spiritual battle you are going through; I came as a prophetic Lawyer, any power that is holding you; I cause a financial recovery in your income. I cause a divine turn around.
•People that will give you contract; they won’t know how and when they will sign it.
•If you are not married and it seems you are passing the age, God will give you a partner that will be better than the years of delay,power will change hand. Every hand keeping your marriage, children, money, prosperity. I prophesy power will change hand. Israel is a family by God’s standard and God change their curses to blessings by giving them the locust that ate from their father.The law of sickness might exist in her family but the law can be changed, somebody needs to change it.
May you be the One to stand for your generation; You are breaking out!
Some patterns occurs in your family does not mean it is the will of God. CHANGE IT!! For the fact it has been like that does not mean it’s good, someone need to do the conversion. I declare every curse in your family change!!
May God pass through your family to reach other families. The curse that destroyed others in your family, we command it to blessings; YOU ARE BLESSED!!! You are redeemed from the curse of the land (Genesis 12:2-3)
Whatever curse that brought downfall to your family; I curse the curse.
I carry supernatural transmission & I transmit deliverance to you from every family link. I declare your family out from it.
I stand from my altar to speak to your family; Let the word travel to your foundation, I speak blessings. 2 kings 4:2
Every wrong pattern that was done by your father, may you be the one to change it. What killed your father will not kill you. What made your father poor will make you rich.
What made your parent have a child, will make you have many. Whatever in your bloodline that has not been addressed by the power of the Holy Ghost, I break you out of it. I address the family sickness & poverty.
Altars & Demons they don’t respect religion. It takes mystery to demystify mystery.
* You can’t be a Liberationite and not know how to pray.

Source: Greater Liberation City


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