Prayer Before Journey



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Prayer before journey

Powerful Prayer Before Journey

Safe Trip (Travel Experience) Prayer

 I come before you Father God and confess my fears about traveling. I confess my insecurities about connections and times, My concerns for my safety and security, And my anxieties around this journey. I come to lay these things down and choose to put my trust in you. My faith will rise up and lead me through. My hopes will find light as I praise your name. My love will remain strong and firm holding me steady. My peace will be your peace, one that surpasses all these worries. You are with me. I am safe with you. Thank you.

A Prayer for Safe Travel (a prayer for protection and calm when going on a journey) 

Jesus, wherever I go, I give you praise I lift you high above each space. No matter where or how I ride You will be here with me. Whatever the time, your presence is here You hear my prayers, you’re always near. If ever I feel alone I know You will be here with me. Whenever I call, upon your name I journey with you, I travel safe. For every moment you hold my hand You will be here with me.



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