Prayer For Winning Green Card



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Prayer For Winning Green Card

5 Good Prayers for Winning the Green Card Lottery

Many people look at winning the lottery as a way to get out of debt and seek financial freedom. If you are looking for help, talk with the Lord and recite any of these great prayers for winning the lottery.
Oh Lord, I pray that You help me financially! I ask that You hear my cries and help me win the lottery. I know that winning can help me financially, but I pray that winning will not affect my relationship with You. The love of money is the root of all evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows. But I declare that whether I win or not, You will always be the love of my heart, Amen.
1 Timothy 6:10
Blessed be Your Name Father! I thank You in advance for allowing me to win the lottery! I do not love the world, nor do I love the things of the world, for if any man loves the world, the love of You is not in him. But Lord, I love that You have enabled the things of the world to work for the good of those who love You. All things can work for the good of those that love You! Amen.
1 John 2:15 & Romans 8:28
Awesome God, I cry out to You so that I can win the lottery because I know that I can only do so with You. For it is You who sends the poverty and wealth; You humble, and You exalt! You are in control of all things at all times. I pray that You open the doors for this financial blessing over my life, if this is in line with Your will for me. Father let the results be in my favour, Amen.
1 Samuel 2:7
Matchless Father, Your word says that where my treasure is, there my heart will be also. I thank You in advance for allowing me to win the lottery which can be considered an earthly treasure. But I thank You for being my ultimate treasure. No amount of money, nor status can ever take Your place. I thank You for who You are, my heart belongs to You always Lord. I give myself to You, Amen.
Matthew 6:21
Beautiful One, I have been praying for many days, weeks and even months that You will bless me with winning the lottery. I know that winning can help my finances in such a significant way; I pray that You release these finances into my life. Lord, I know that if I win, this money does not belong to me because the earth is Yours and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it, Amen.
Psalm 24:1