Prayer Point For Tonight



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Prayer Point For Tonight

Powerful Prayer Point For Tonight

1. Father God help me love what you love and hate what you hate, in Jesus name.

2. Father God break and remould me, in Jesus name.

3. Heavenly Father let your love lead in every department of my life, in Jesus name.

5. I will never make the devil happy, In Jesus name.

6. Holy Spirit reveal to me secrets about success, in Jesus name.

7.Holy Spirit empower my hands to produce works that will register my name in the book of success, in Jesus name.

8. Holy Spirit help me obey instructions that will advance my life, in Jesus name.


Scriptures : John 14:16-26, Romans 8:1-

The ministry of the Holy Spirit is one that must be understood and desired by every believer. As a Christian you need to get to grips with the fact that the Holy Ghost was assigned to be your primary helper and teacher.When you are unsure of anything in your walk with God, the Holy Spirit will teach you and order your steps. He reveals hidden truths and shows believers things to come.The Holy Spirit is the first point of contact for our spirit man to connect to the higher life in Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit should be the most sought after personality in life of a believer. Whenever you ask for direction from the Holy Spirit, He always obliges you and show you.

Prophetic instructions for tonight:

-Before you sleep meditate long and hard on the ministry of the Holy Ghost.
-Spend an ample time speaking in tongues.
-Any area you need direction ASK HIM.

Source: Apostle Sunday Sinyangwe


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