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Prayer point on month of perfection



“As for God, his way is PERFECT; the word of the LORD is tried: he is a buckler to all them that trust in him. For who is God, save the LORD? and who is a rock, save our God? God is my strength and power: and he maketh my way PERFECT.” – II Sam. 22:31-33

This July, which is the 7th month in the year, God’s promises for us are those of perfection! It takes One who is perfect to make the ways of others perfect; and only God is perfect!

–          This month God will make your way perfect in Jesus’ name!

Let us study together different definitions of the word “PERFECTION”:

Perfection is when something conforms absolutely with the definition and/or description of an ideal type of another thing that one is looking for.

In Genesis 2:18-23, God had made Adam and made him keeper of all the other things He had created, but none of the animals was suitable to be Adam’s partner. Then God made Eve from his ribs, and even Adam knew that this was his perfect-half, his ideal partner, the one that conformed with the description of his yearnings.

–          If there is anything that you have described to God that you want, this month He will give to you in Jesus’ name.

–          Whatever evil cloud has been covering your light, as from today it will be lifted in Jesus’ name. You will shine unto your perfect day in Jesus’ name (Prov. 4:18).

–          God will perfect everything that concerns you in Jesus’ name (Psa. 138:8).

–          This month, whether the devil likes it or not, your suffering will come to an end, and the God that called you unto Himself will perfect you in Jesus’ name (I Pet. 5:10).

–          This month, God will give you that job, career and partner that will conform with your yearnings in Jesus’ name!

Perfection is when something is excellent and complete; something beyond practical or theoretical improvement. Something beyond compare. Something that does not need amends, repairs or improvement. A complete package. A FINISHED PRODUCT!

–          This month God will totally put something together Himself and send it your way in Jesus’ name. You will testify.

–          God will go ahead of you and deliver a finished product in your hands in Jesus’ name.

Perfection is when something EXACTLY FITS the need in a certain situation for a certain purpose. It is an EXACT thing.

–          God will give you a perfect thing that will suit your exact need, so that you’ll be able to fulfil your purpose in Jesus’ name.

Perfection is when something is entirely without flaws, defects, shortcomings or faults.

–          That miracle that no man will be able to find fault in, God will give to you in Jesus’ name.

Perfection is when something is accurate and correct in every detail.

–          Everything shall start to come correct for you in the mighty name of Jesus.



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