Prayer Points Against Dragon Spirit


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Prayer Points Against Dragon Spirit


Deliverance Against Dragon Spirit Prayer Points
I refuse to eat the Bread of adversity or drink the water of affliction prepared for me by the Serpent, in Jesus name
Every power of the dragon spirit destroying my glory, woe unto you in Jesus name
You dragon spirit assigned against me by the Prince of this world, I overcome you in the name of Jesus
You dragon spirit bruising my leg, I break your head in Jesus name
Let the type of anointing that enabled Paul the Apostle shake off the beast, fall upon me in Jesus name

Every beasts tied against my business, progress, and finances, I shake you off in Jesus name.
Every Serpent suffocating my life, I shake you off into fire in Jesus name
Every dragon spirit tied around my body, soul, and spirit, released me now and die in Jesus name
Dragon spirits attacking me through my dreams, be consumed by the fire of the Holy Ghost, in the name of Jesus. You spirit of dragon, impeding my success in my marriage, business, academics, I hold the blood of Jesus against you. I command the fire of heaven to consume you right now.
Power of darkness stagnating my destiny, perish in Jesus name.

You dragon spirit that has swallowed my blessings, vomit my blessings now and die in Jesus name.


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