Prayer Points Against Grave Clothes



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Prayer Points Against Grave Clothes

Powerful Prayer Points Against Grave Clothes

The enemy can keep you bound if you don’t remove the trappings that allowed him to enslave you. It’s time to get free!

Despite the threat of the Jews who were lying in wait to kill Him, Jesus had to return to Judea. He had an assignment there to challenge death, just as He had done in Nain with the widow’s son (see Luke 7:11-17).

His close friend Lazarus, Mary and Martha’s brother, had already been dead in the tomb for four days. Those who knew said the stench of decaying flesh was already prominent. Just thinking about it broke Jesus’ heart.

When Jesus arrived, the family of the deceased led Him to the little hillside cave. Once there, He told them to remove the stone slab that covered the opening. He looked up to heaven, thanked the Father for always hearing Him, then boldly shouted, “Lazarus, come out!”

Immediately, all those standing by heard a rustling inside. Lazarus, who by now seemed to be little more than a wrapped-up cadaver, stumbled out of the darkness into the bright sunlight.

Jesus said, “‘Unwrap him and let him loose.'” Many of the Jews who witnessed the miracle believed in Him (John 11:1-45, The Message, selectively paraphrased).

Astonishing! One moment, Lazarus was dead … and the next, he was alive. This story is a wonderful illustration of our new-birth experience. One minute we were spiritually dead in our trespasses and sins; a moment later, we were alive in Christ (see Eph. 2:1; Col. 2:13). Phenomenal!

Can you imagine how exciting it must have been to watch Lazarus exit that tomb after he had been dead for four days? Now Lazarus was indeed alive. But if he was going to enjoy and effectively live his new life, one more thing was necessary: The graveclothes he wore in death would have to be removed.

You may need to be freed from your spiritual graveclothes (see Eph. 5:8). Only then will you be free to truly enjoy your new life and live it effectively for God’s glory.

It’s one thing for God to forgive us, cleanse us and breathe into us His eternal life. (That’s the new birth.) It’s another thing altogether for us to remove the graveclothes–things that relate to our former lives when we were dead in trespasses and sins.

We may be spiritually alive in Christ, but if we remain wrapped in the clothes of spiritual death, we’ll continually struggle with satanic accusation and self-condemnation. This is a matter of being delivered from an old mind-set.


1. Every power, spirit or personality preparing evil garments for me, fall down and die.
2. Evil hands preparing evil garments for me, wither and burn to ashes.
3. Every strange garment fashioned for me, catch fire and roast to ashes.
4. Every evil garment prepared for me by my enemies refuse to size me.
5. Every owner of evil load, appear and carry your load in the name of Jesus.




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